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DINING ROOM DESIGN { Turquoise makeover}

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  TGIF, right?
  I am closing this week with a quick peek into our turquoise dining room.
 I am in a middle of transforming this dinning room into an orange and brown, fall colors inspired room.

I LOVE fall colors!And I LOVE seeing fall colors in my house!
 I am sure it will turn out gorgeous once its done:-)

 When we moved to our house, this dining room was burgundy
 and the room looked so small and closed in. 

I LOVE light and bright colors, that  makes you think,  the actual room you see is much bigger.

This picture below is my first decoration, after moving into this house.

Hm. Looked nice.

I came across that cute dotted panel curtain and fall in love with it right away.
That curtain was my inspiration for our dining room decoration and choose that curtain as the focal point of the room.
I made cute matching wall art using canvases and foam circles, which I painted for the same colors as the dots on the curtains.{ I wish I could show you tutorial, I wasn’t blogging yet }

We really loved this room.
Actually, I still love it.
…but after 5 years of living here, I was ready for a change.

I redecoration took place last year.
 I wanted something brighter and I wanted to add a wall cabinet that could hide things and would give me  storage.
I found this great, not to thick wall cabinet (IKEA). We installed  turquoise doors mixed with white doors.

I knew, changing the curtains would alone make a huge change in any room, so I switched the dotted panel to simple white curtains.
Oh, my goodness…talk about brightening the room and seeing all that light coming in.
A simple curtain change will please your eyes in any room!

I discovered this wonderful Turquoise Rug* at Target, which was a perfect match with the wall cabinet doors.
 I adore  Moroccan style rugs these days!I could use them in any room!

I also found a nice table runner at Target. So nice and matching color with my carpet.
 Changing paint color on the wall always makes huge difference so  I  painted the lower part of the wall for a lighter color.
I used lighter grey that actually almost turned out little bluish looking. Very nice and soft color!
Added a few shelf, where I displayed pictures of my boys.
Also added some square picture frames with some matchy scrapbook papers glued in.

I was really pleased of the change and new decoration.
 So fresh, bright and inviting!
What do you think?
Now I am ready for some orange and brown colors along with some cute pumpkins. I hope you will stay tuned to see my new fall colored decoration of this room.

I created a NEW PAGE, BOUTIQUE on my blog where I will display my favorite home decor items.

I listed some of my favorite rugs and home design items from Target, for your inspiration here as well.

Like what you see?
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