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I have been dreaming of a perfectly organized garage forever.
 For some reason we never had done any organizing to the garage, although we really need to get it done! 

A huge dream garage project is waiting for us this weekend!
 Hoping to see our garage just like on the pictures below by the end of Sunday!
Will it happen???Don’t know for sure!
 My dear friend offered to watch the kids for both days so we can move on to this big project. It would be impossible with them around.
I looked up some great ideas that i think we will incorporate into this HUGE  garage makeover.
Here are my inspirations:
For water toys and pool supplies  { we have way to much of these… }
Hang It Up

Oh,  how much I love this shelf  unit!!!Nicely organized and space well used!

Garden Zone
This wall below would perfectly hold old toys and tools for hubby…and that little workstation bench can be easily made.

Workshop Zone
 photo RS0106074t_4_y.jpg
Isn’t this screwdriver holder looks perfect and SO organized..?
garage organization by Forvaringsdrottningen
Tape organizer…wow…great idea!
OK…I love this Ikea shelf unit but IKEA is way to far to drive  { about an hour drive }. Now, since we only have 2 days to finish this project I am thinking to put together something similar,,, shelf units from 2 x 4 wood panels perhaps. Hope that my handyman hubby can make it happen..:-)
Hi Sugarplum | Organized  Garage
Cubbies for garage are perfect organizers. We tend to come through the garage a lot, so having the kids take their shoos off before they would get into the house woudl be nice.
tCubbies for garage or mud room! love this idea!! need a big space by the garage door!
I am so going to paint our steps…this is just too cute!
Okay…I think I got super inspired and I am ready to start organizing.

 What about you?
 Do you have an organized garage?
 How do you keep it organized?

 photo EF115F2DC23BDCEF2836A0DC4259602E_zps46160045.png

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