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Halloween Monogram Wreath @ placeofmytaste.com

I really think it’s time to move on to Halloween now.
For some inspiration , I am going to share my newest 
wreath with you all today.
But first let me 
something my friends!
Guess who was invited to be on The 36th Avenue’s Team?
Yeap…That’s me.
I am so honored to be invited to be a monthly recipe 
contributor on Desiree’s awesome blog, The36thAvenue.
As a first post, I am sharing a wonderful 
AUTUMN soup today.
Go check it out
But now,let me show you how to make
 this nice
 Halloween monogram wreath!
This is what you will need:
-black roses
-wreath ring or cardboard paper { circle shape cut out }
-hot glue gun
-your choice of fabric
I started with cutting the roses.{ where do you think I got them…of course @ dollar store}
I glued each little rose head on my cardboard piece.
I put 2 next to each other but you can go as wide as you like.
I choose to have a monogram wreath this time.
I thought a black dotted “J” would look nice in the middle of the wreath.
I got a wood letter,
a piece of scrapbook paper and my mod podge to fix this cute dotted letter.
I cut out my “J” shape and glued it to my wooden letter.
I sanded the edges and covered the paper with a coat of mod podge.
The “J” turned out really nice with the edges sanded off.
I cut a piece of dotted fabric 
to hang my super easy wreath.

Hmm.Love it!
What do you think?
Stay tuned this week!
I teamed up with 9 other great gals to bring you the
 spookiest Halloween house tours and projects to show off!
If you are not ready for Halloween yet, you can still decorate for fall.
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Or get some inspiration for Fall Decorating
Have a great day to you all!

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