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Buy or DIY an awesome headboard? That is my dilemma at the moment.



If you are following on Facebook or Instagram you probably remember seeing that I sold my super fun IKEA MALM bed that we upgraded with a little DIY couple of years ago. We loved our bed and our mattress especially, but we were ready for an upgrade. We were ready to get a bigger bed that would fit 4 of us comfortably on days when our monkeys climb into our bed.

I was happy and sad at the moment when my friends came to pick up a mattress and bed. I had all kinds of thoughts of what kind of headboard I am going to DIY, what fabric I am going to use and then my enthusiasm got super low. I started browsing the net and I figured that I can find pretty awesome headboards for a great price. Does it worth to DIY? I am not sure. I mean let’s just face it. Sometimes DIYing cost more than buying the actual product. As of right now I still don’t have a mattress nor a bedframe or headboard and I am still undecided if I should just order one of these awesome headboards or to DIY one.? I searched the web for headboards and I found some pretty cool and affordable headboards that I loved.

Take a look.49094907_Alt01











So what do you say? Buy or DIY?

Which one is your favorite headboards? I really love the tufted ones but I love the rattan one as well.


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Cheers, Aniko

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