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Learn how to make these easy picture frames.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time30 mins
Cost: 10


  • screwdriver
  • clamp
  • tape measure
  • wall hanging hardware ( can be found in THD)
  • Dremel Ultra Saw


  • pine boards
  • stain
  • screw


  • My frame is 24″x20″. Measure carefully! Measure the length and the width of the board but don’t forget that 1″ that will add because you are attaching the corners!
    You will end up having four long ( for the side of the frames) and four short (for the top and bottom of the frames) boards.
    1. Secure the boards to a flat surface or on a worktable using clamps.
    2. Clamp the boards tightly together, and using a wood screw, screw through from the bottom to the sideboard. If you feel better, you could pre-drill a hole, but it's not necessary.
    3. Stain the wood picture frame.