Hey Everyone!
Did you pick your favorite cookie recipe out of my 
 round up yesterday?
Oh, I can’t wait to make them. Yumm!
But for today, I promised an easy Christmas ornament tutorial for you guys!
If you like these colorful  fabric ornaments, I am happy to tell you that you can make them in no time with very little money spent.
Do you have a few pieces of fabric left or perhaps an old shirt that you don’t need anymore..?Well, if your answer is YES
 than this is your project.
I made these cutenesses actually 2 years ago when I didn’t have Place Of My Taste to share them.
I spotted them on a HGTV show.
This is what you will need to make these ornaments:
-fabric or old shirts
-foam balls
-straight pins
Cut different width stripes out of your fabric.
{ Make sure their long enough to wrap around your ball }
 Wrap the fabric strip around your ball and
 pin it with your straight pin to make sure it will stay in place.
Do this step until your ball is completely covered.
 On the top off the ball pin a piece of ribbon to hang the ornament.
I did the same step with different size of balls and different patterned fabrics.
Can it be easier…and cuter?
 This is a really simple yet decorative way to dress your 
Christmas tree or your branches in a vase.
What do you think?
What color would you pick?
 I really think that any style of fabric would make these ornaments pop on the tree!!
I am so ready to hang these ornaments on our Christmas tree!
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  Thanks for reading!


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