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Make these easy drop cloth rosettes in no time to decorate your valentine wreath

 Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a cute DIY Valentine Wreath.

Does it look familiar to you?


Polka Dot Christmas Wreath @placeofmytaste.com (15 of 22)

As I was putting away my Christmas decoration and I was holding my Polka dot Christmas wreath, I thought I could totally reuse the polka dot base and the rosettes that I made to embellish my Christmas wreath.

All I needed to do is to make some more rosettes and find a card board in the garage to cut a heart shape.

Drop cloth rosettes are so easy to make and they are just simply beautiful.


to see how to make these beautiful


Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(14)

To make this cute Valentine Wreath you will need:


-heart shaped card board

-hot glue gun

-fabric or drop cloth to cover your card board

-extra drop cloth or fabric to hang your wreath

Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(3)

I glued my fabric to the heart shaped card board to cover the whole heart.

I glued each little rosettes to the heart shaped base, going around the edges.

Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(2)

I glued a  bigger red rosettes to the middle and my pretty creation was DONE!

Oh, how easy it was.

Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(11)

Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(9)

I am so happy when I can tackle a small project reusing stuff

that I already have at home. Isn’t it the best thing ever?

Drop Cloth Rosette Valentine Wreath @placeofmytaste.com(4)

I really think that this wreath could also be a nice wall decoration for your home inside.

If you need some more inspiration for Valentine’s day, come check out my post from last year.

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Have a great weekend!

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