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I love finding inspirations everywhere. All I need is to see something inspiring and it makes my brain spin right away.These cute vases that I am going to share today came to life in my mind after I spied these awesome vases at West Elm’s site.

Aren’t they so fun?
I always try to think creative ways to DIY things and create them on the budget. Sometimes my ideas fail, of course. And it’s ok. These vases, however, turned out pretty darn cute! When Elmer’s contated me about their new hot glue gun lunch I was super excited. Hot glue gun is one of my favorite tools as it is the perfect tool to bond different materials and I truly love working magic with hot glue. I thought out of the box and I used Elmer’s new hot glue gun in a different way.

diy vasesI made a quick visit to the dollar store and I grabbed some round and some long glass vases! I picked up 2 different size long ones ad a couple round ones.

Then I started drawing a pattern on the vases with the glue. I drew triangles, squares and many other shapes. It was fairly quick and easy to create these lines with the glue. As you see the lines are not perfect but that’s the beauty of it. It’s handmade!

diy vases3

Then I spray painted my vases with Rust-Oleum paints.

diy vases 5

After the paint was dry I nicely positioned the round vases on the top of the tall vases. I used hot glue to make sure they are not moving around.

So what do you think of my pretty West Elm Knock off decor vases? They are looking smoking hot, don’t you think? They look perfect in my new living room that I am working on and will reveal next week:-)

diy vases 8

diy decor vases 7

You can find Elmer’s hot glue gun in selected Michael’s stores. I hope you got inspired today and you will get your hands on a hot glue gun to create these vases.

If you would like to see how my living room is coming together, click on the image below.

Moroccan rug (3 of 19)

Cheers for a happy day!



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    1. First I thought it won’t look great because of the lines not being perfect but I think the prettiness overweight that:-) Thanks for visiting, friend!

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