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Traveling in style. Today I am sharing my favorite camping rug with you guys.

I haven’t shared much of our travels here on the blog, but it’s on my list to share all of our beautiful stops with you to inspire you. We jumped into this long educational vacation type of life a few months ago with our renovated camper, and we have loved it ever since we left. The kids love it. Even our pets are loving it. 🙂

Stylish camper and camping rug

The first thing I roll out when we settle down for our site is the camping rug. I am a big fan of living in a stylish home (hence our stylish camper now, haha!), and adding a little style to our outdoor patio setup is also a must for me. When we purchased our trailer, we received a FREE rug from the previous owners, but I wasn’t crazy about it, so I started looking for a camping mat fitted within my home decor style.

Camper in Alabama Hill

How to choose an outdoor rug?

As I mentioned, the style was important for me but it wasn’t the only criteria I looked at. I found Glamplife RV products online and fell in love with their mats.

Their product is made from green recycled materials, so the environmental impact is less. Since these are tougher than leading mats, they will last longer.

These outdoor rugs are made from the highest GSM available for polypyrene RV mats. This ensures that they won’t snag or tear as easily when you are camping. They’re also thicker and more comfortable under your feet.

It’s also reversible. 🙂 What a plus. I LOVE having two different colors of the same designs available.

Two sides mean twice as much beauty! Each design is equally stylish and modern. A quick flip, and it’s reversed to update the look.

Golden doodle sitting on a camping rug  in front of camper

What size camping rug should you get?

We have a 36′ travel trailer so for us getting a large, 9×12 size outdoor rug was a must. But for a smaller trailer, a 5 x 8 size would be just fine.

Cozy camping in Alabama Hill

Which camping rug would you choose?

Glamplife has three different designs of camping rugs. They are all beautiful and stylish designs. And they have two different sizes to choose from.

If you are into traveling and RV life be sure to follow along. I have shared some tutorials on how we renovated the trailer.

As always, thank you for checking in!:-)



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