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I am here today to share some pretty free Mother’s Day printable cards with you guys.

Since we have been quarantined I have been painting again and I have been enjoying every bit of it. In the past years, I just could not find the time to sit down and paint almost at all but this slow down phase of our life allowed me to practice more of what I love.

A beautiful collection of watercolor free printable cards

I wanted to offer something special that you can print at home and gift your mom/ grandma. Something simple and sweet. What I learned in these past six weeks is that LESS IS MORE! So why spend a ton of money ( that most of us don’t have these days!) to buy expensive presents. Little things, like handing/ mailing a sweet card with a meaningful quote or saying or some encouragements in these crazy times, is probably what we all need.

So for that, I am offering 4 of these cute little cards. The format is 5×7 printable, but of course, you can print it as a smaller format as well. Just don’t go larger.

What do you think of these sweet botanical paintings?

Click HERE to download your cards and print them away!

I am obsessed.:-)

TiP: I suggest to download these cards to your computer first and then print them at home or send them over to your favorite printing shop.

I will send a card to each of my girlfriends who are wonderful mothers and filling in so many roles at home right now. We all feel the heaviness of this pandemic, but we all in this together, and I hope little things like sending a sweet note to someone will light up your day.


I know a lot of you have been asking to share some of my favorite materials for my watercolor paintings, so here it is ( these are affiliate links below, see my disclosure here.)

I have been trying different watercolor paints and this is my current favorite. I love the color collection in this set.

I use this particular watercolor paper and I love it. It comes in different sizes.

And as far as brushes, you don’t have to spend a fortune. This below is a really good set with all sizes of round brushes.

I hope you will enjoy these pretty printables.

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A great collection of watercolor floral cards free printables

Stay well!



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  1. Beautiful artwork, Aniko! I guess I’m not as computer savvy as I thought I was because I can’t figure out any way to print these on my color printer without printing them in the size I want, cutting them out and gluing them on a folded piece of paper. I thought they would download in a format where you could print them in landscape on letter-sized paper and fold it into a card with the artwork on the front. Any suggestions?

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