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How is it March already? Today I am sharing a free watercolor screensaver, as I usually do here on the blog at the beginning of each month.

pretty watercolor floral screensaver

It is a heavy time in the world right now. My heart goes out to the innocent people who lost their loved ones in Ukraine. It is still surreal for me that such a thing happening in 2022. And for a moment I thought I should share something that stands with what is going on around the world right now. Then I thought that maybe I should just be staying with a pretty and refreshing yet colorful design for March.

It is a month when we feel the crisp fresh air and the start of the new season, spring. Or at least we do in Virginia. But I am not even in Virginia right now. We have spent our winter in the Florida Keys with my core four, and it has been a fantastic time. I have so much to share about our travel here on the blog but traveling and blogging together are more challenging than I thought. I am still hoping to share it all with you when time allows.

floral screensaver for phone

You can see a short video of this quick painting of this watercolor screensaver on my Instagram feed. I love when I can squeeze time out of my busy day to sit down to grab the brushes to create something pretty. It does not often happen these days as there is always something to do and something to explore, or just simply sitting around the campfire chatting away with new friends we make on the road is what takes away from painting.

But I love this season of our life. It is extraordinary, full of making memories, lifelong friendships, and most importantly, it is about togetherness.

If you like these pretties, be sure to grab them and display them on your desktop or the phone for the month of March below.


I love to create and inspire.

Thanks for visiting today!



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