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This post was sponsored by Whirlpool. These items were generously donated in exchange for coverage, but all opinions and copy are my own.

Are you a busy mom? What a question, haha!… Today I am sharing some laundry hacks for busy moms.

Here I am today with another post on the Laundry room. Did you guys get to check out our laundry room makeover I shared earlier this week? It’s been a while since we started the laundry room makeover process, and to tell you the truth, the makeover process was interrupted with other projects (hence our MASTER BATH MAKEOVER!). Still, we finally finished our project last week, and I could not be more in love with it.

Can I say I have a laundry room of my dreams? I think so! I’ve been dreaming about a unique laundry space, and now I have it. Be sure to check out some before pics and the reveal photos on the LAUNDRY ROOM MAKEOVER post.

But let’s talk about today’s post.:-)  I am partnering with Whirlpool to share some easy laundry hacks that all busy moms should know. A few months ago, I received my Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair, and I have been enjoying all the amazing features they have to offer; it’s been such a significant change from my previous washer and dryer.

 Small Laundry Room

Here are a few tips/hacks for your more comfortable, more streamlined laundry routine.


Do you feel like you never have time to do laundry?

The newest feature that Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Washer offers is the  Load & Go™ XL Plus Dispenser. What a great feature, guys!  It’s been my favorite part of this new experience. You can skip the step of adding detergent each time you load your washer. Yup! You might think that’s not a big deal but really…it is! I don’t have to remember adding detergent at every wash but load the clothes, push START and GO! I can add up to 40 loads of detergent. The dispenser knows how much soap to use based on the size of the load.


I get my family involved doing chores and things around the house as much as I can, even if it’s just folding clothes. We added a beautiful folding area to my new laundry, and it’s the perfect space for the kids to help.


My kids get an extra point each time they help around the house, and they love it since extra points mean extra playtime. Lots of helping hands- even if they just helping me pair socks – (which is a big deal in my house, haha!)- it makes the laundry process go by so much faster.


I think it’s safe to say that these days there is an app for everything. I have an app that reminds me to drink water each hour. Ha! So the  Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair can be remotely started using the Whirlpool app on smartphones or iPads. A lot of times, there is chaos in the house, and I leave without starting the washer or dryer by accident. This super cool feature is excellent for when I am on the go.

Small Laundry Room makeover. I love the stacked washer and dryer, the dramatic peel and stick wallpaper and penny tiles in this laundry room. The DIY Shelving around washer and dryer is brilliant . And talk about that macrame curtain...! Wow. Such a great laundry room makeover.


My biggest struggle when doing laundry is folding. I mean, folding right away. I am so busy with all the hats I am wearing, and most days, when I  put in a laundry during the day, it never gets folded before night time. The Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Dryer has the Wrinkle Shield feature, which helps with this problem. No more wrinkled clothes in the house! Brilliant!

I have been super happy with my new washer and dryer from Whirlpool. Saving time means more family time for us to make memories – and I love it! 


Thanks for checking in today.




*Based on an 8-lb load. Actual dispenser capacity varies by model.

**Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change.

Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect.





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