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Sunglasses Basket { Organize sunglasses }

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Okay…This Sunglasses organizer is also a part of my Entry Way project. If you missed the entry way realted posts,  here are a few post to catch up on: Paint wall stripes , Sitting Bench and  my most recent post : Cork PIN Board.
I am one of those girls who would easily loose things around the house. Familiar, right?
The most lost objects are my sunglasses…
When I get home I usually forget to take it off of my head and when I realize it’s still sitting on my head I put it down wherever I am in the house…and of course the next morning when I need to leave the house again,I have no idea where I placed it-ha
I thought keeping them in the same place at he door, would be great idea.
 Looking at my little sunglasses basket always reminds me to place my sunglasses back where they were.
I had this cute little  basket handy at home. …of course it is form IKEA.
To match my Entry Way color scheme , I spray painted it to white.
Printed a little YELLOW card to attach to it, and TADA….
Now, I don’t have to look for my sunglasses,they are always in this cute little basket.
Where do you store your sunglasses?

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