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I hope you all had a chance to visit each of our amazing bloggers this week and read our confessions!



As a new blogger I have spent lots of time just learning how the blogging world works, and I’m happy to help other bloggers skip to the front of the line so they can focus on producing great content and spend less time figuring-it-out.

Today all the amazing bloggers of the Confessions of a Newbie Blogger series are hosting one big linky round-up!

That’s right, everything you need to know about blogging in one place, and you can contribute! Link from any page, and it will be seen on all 5 blogs! Choose one of the 4 appropriate categories provided to link to.

Join in the fun today from 3-5pm EST via Facebook & Twitter as all 5 bloggers chat about their experience in blogging. Ask questions, gain advice, and share your own experience! 
Just for fun, finish the sentence “you know you are a blogger when…” #confessions.
In case you missed each blogger’s insights during the Confessions series, you can find each one via the links below. Their blog | Facebook | Twitter:

Link up to one of these 4 appropriate categories provided:

Blogging 101:In this general category link up everything bloggers need to know to be great at their craft!

Blog Design & Tools:Link up web designers, apps, articles, and tools you have had great success with!

Submission Sites & Feature Opportunities:Please link from your submission page so bloggers can easily find your policies, recommendations, and details for a fab feature!

Photography Helps:Photos are the life of the blog, it inspires and draws our readers. Link helps, tips, and hacks to better photography!

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