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Upcycled home decor items-

Today I am dropping in with a fun post, guys! Couple weeks ago, Porch.com contacted me if I wanted to be included in a fun Home Treasure Swap hop and I sure said YES.

Have you heard of Porch.com yet? It is the home network. What does that mean? Imagine Pinterest meets Linkedin for home improvement. Get quickly connected to BBB accredited professionals, browse over 130 million projects on Porch, and check out the Advice section for all things home and DIY.  You will love it!


I like challenges and this seemed like a fun opportunity. They selected bloggers and they paired them. Each blogger shopped their home for decor items and things that could be up-cycled and they sent it to another blogger.



I was so excited when my box arrived as I did not know what kind of items will be in there. I like surprises:-)

So my box came from Heidi over at Happiness is Homemade and she sent me the following items to up-cycle:

Upcycled home decor items-1

– candle

– picture frame 1

– picture frame 2

– outdoor wall art

– kitchen towel

I set down and though how could I restyle these items to fit my taste and decor at home.


Upcycled home decor items-2

What can you possibly do with it?

Well, I thought I could wrap it around with twine and it would add a perfect decor to my Dining room.

PicMonkey Collage

I used my hot glue gun to glue the twine to the glass. Then I added a cute little paper flower to embellish it.

Upcycled home decor items-1-2

I think it could also be a fantastic gift for mother’s day or for teacher’s appreciation day, too.


Upcycled home decor items-5

I loved my upcycled candle but it was missing something.

I decided to make a base for my candle so it looks like a package:-)


I stained the wood frame with golden brown stain then I cut a small burlap sheet that I glued into he middle.

Now my package is complete! Love it!

Upcycled home decor items-32


Upcycled home decor items-6

I loved this frame.

Loved it’s shape. All I could think of to freshen it up with some fun , patterned fabric. If you following me you know that I love colors, so a pretty yellow fabric was helping me to makeover this frame.

Pic frame 2

I cut out a piece of fabric that covered the frame and glued it on with mod podge. Then I cut the edges with my scissors.

Upcycled home decor items-30

How fun! Perfect addition to my home!


Upcycled home decor items-1-3

This guy got a fun makeover, too.

I cut off the canvas and covered it with a strong, stiff, outdoor fabric that I had at home.

PicMonkey Collage

My Outdoor space is so colorful and bright and I really thought this blue table decor would add to the space. The fabric is stiff enough that it could even hold small serving plates.

Upcycled home decor items-11

and last but not least the


Upcycled home decor items-20

It was plain and I don’t like plain. It needed a little personality.kITCHEN TOWEL

I glued black dotted ribbon on the edges and painted the white fabric with black fabric paint.

So cool!

Upcycled home decor items-27

Here is the before and after of the things I received. Sometimes you don’t have to think big to create new items for your home. Just look around and think out of the box!

Before and after

And now take a look at what I sent to the next blogger and what she created HERE

Porch Treasure Swap (1)

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


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