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Few months ago, I was contacted by Ursula from HomeMade by Carmona ans she asked me to participate in a series, along with other bloggers who hasn’t been blogging for a long time.


Few of my confessions:

Confessions-Aniko copy

 I thought it will be a fun way to look back at my year and document the ups and downs, sharing my own experience as a blogger and perhaps share my tips.


 My journey started back in 2012 when my friend invited me to join


When I got the invite, I had no clue what Pinterest was.


She said I am going to love it.

And hey…I did.

It was very addictive.

I always had my inner artist in me and I was always creating, DIY-ing something at home, but once I browse all  those eye catchy images on PINTEREST I got lots of inspirations and more motivations to create.

Browsing Pinterest was just the beginning, but landing on amazing and inspiring gals blogs was another deep sound from inside  that told me I can be one of them…

 I searched the net of how to start a blog and went with it.

Signed up for my free blogger account.

I was in the dark when I started.


 My hear was pumping after I hit the very first PUBLISH button. I checked on my page about a  hundred times a day if it looked OK, and how many people read my post.

I was jumping up and down when I hit 25 page views….Yeap….

I know, if you are new blogger, you are probably recognize yourself??

 Ohh and the funny thing was that I did not realize that 10 out of the 25 was me and the other 10 was maybe my mother and a friend.

Last December I marked my


I wasn’t bogging with full speed until around April.

I started writing every posts in 2 language. I am bilingual. It was twice as much time. I could not keep up with my Hungarian blog so I stopped posting on it.

Post regularly!

As I said I wasn’t posting on a regular basis when I started. I posted whenever I felt like or had time to post.

Posting on a regular basis does not mean to post every day, but maybe post on certain days.You name your days.

Try to post 3-4 times a week, be consistent!


will sell your content!



When my fist child was born I got myself a digital camera and photography became my passion.

Learned, read, practiced and

 I still DO learn, DO read and DO practice

 every day!

Starting this month I will share photography tips and tricks on the last Friday of each month!

 To see my recent work, visit me @


You gotta put yourself out there and PIN your images to


My biggest traffic source is Pinterest.

Pin from others and pin your own content as well -50-50%.

Now you can use  Ahalogy {free, you have to apply } or Viraltag {paid service } to schedule your pins.


And why…???

because we are VISUAL and when you see a mouth watering recipe you click…don’t you??



or if you see a great project you LOVE , you click -don’t you?

 Social media is huge! I can not even keep up with it to be quite honest! There are some many sites and in my opinion you can not be on the top of each of them. Maybe choose 2 to manage, write, interact and share your posts.

I still find it overwhelming though!



Okay… when I ended up on a site one day and saw all those thumbnails listed { maybe 500 of them } I had no idea what was that all about.

 One day I read  on blogging tips  and found out what a LINKY PARTY was.

It’s is a great way to get more exposure for your content. When you link up to parties, make sure you visit other bloggers and comment on their posts.


3 great bloggy friends of mine and I host a link party here every Wednesday at 9am, EST.

 Own your content and add your personality to it.

Everyone has their own writing style and taste. We may read on other blogs and copy their style slightly,but adding your personal touches to each posts and projects you make, is extremely important.

I often find it hard to



I often feel quilt of: sitting at the computer and letting my kids to play alone. Ignoring their questions and saying : Mommy will be with you in 5 minutes.

Blogging is great! But what is greater and more important than your loved ones?

You gotta LOVE what you do but DO NOT ignore your loved ones!

 I often feel guilty of :leaving my huge mess behind, because I want to finish a project and post about it.

Finding balance! That’s going to be my main goal this year!

 I often feel guilty of: leaving the dishes for next morning …

 I often feel guilty of:staying up at night…because I am tired next morning.

 During the day I have work, kids, family that can not be put aside.

Blogging is extraordinarily time consuming! Creating good content  takes time!








…takes it all…


if you


That is all that matters… LOVE your blog!

I love my baby and I am so glad SHE was born.

This is my happy place, where I share my passion!


is my passion!

Come and read on these other great gals confessions and come link up with us on

January 17th.

There will be blogging resources and much more!

Make sure to visit each of these amazing ladies and read their confessions:






Thank you for visiting me today!

I am over at TATERTOTS AND JELLO today, sharing my super cute




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    1. Oh my goodness!Thank you so much! And thanks for purchasing the book, I can only hope your find it informative and helpful :-)Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  1. Aniko, I’m so glad I found your site and this post about blogging newbies….as I am one!
    All of your insight is wonderful, thank you. I’ve got to work on that consistency thing! After reading blogs (and pinning) for many years, the most surprising part is how much time it all takes. But it is so much fun and I’ve met so many great people so far! Thanks for all the tips! 🙂

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for visiting today and welcome in the blogging world! It is definitely very time consuming and addictive “sport” but i agree, you can find best friends through blogging! Wishing you all the best! Hope you are having a wonderful week!Xo~

    1. Angie- I am so glad you stopped by and read my post! I hope I inspired you to keep going, click, pin and find balance with your blog.Have a fantastic weekend! Xo~

  2. I also chose the word Balance for this year. It is SO easy to get out of balance with all of our loves and passions. Yes? I love my blog as well (have had a family one for several years but just started my Beautify and Organize blog) but then there are my other responsibilities – I homeschool, operate a girls club and we do a lot of entertaining as well. Plus I want to be faithful to putting God first. Since I love organizing, I’m always thinking there’s got to be a solution but maybe I have to realize I just can only do so many things at this season in my life.

    Enjoyed your post. Found you through Thistlewood Farms.

    1. Elisabeth…You are so right! We can only do so much, and WE have to realize that. I often think that I am a super woman and I can do EVERYTHING…but that is obviously not the case. Balance is hard to find but I am going to focus on that this year. You know why??..because my loved ones are more important than anything else. I was so deeply touched by a tragic story {#megsmiles}just recently that made me realize how short life is and we have to bless every moment we can spend with our children!Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you will come back and visit!Hugs~

  3. Thank you Aniko! I’ve been blogging since September and this was the boost I needed! Your words are so encouraging, we new kids on the block needed this!
    I find I second guess myself lately, but I need to follow my heart and learn to write from it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Thank you so much for your honesty Aniko!!! I share ALL of those guilts and it makes me feel a lot better that there are other blogger moms who feel like me and I’m not the only one. I look forward to linking up on the 17th!

    1. Isn’t that make you feel better…just a little bit..? I really can not imagine otherwise. I am sure there are lots of other mommy bloggers out there sharing the same quilts!Happy blogging and pinning in 2014!Xoxo

  5. Thats great advice. I totaly understand what you mean when you say you check it constantly. (the blog I mean)I totaly laughed when I read that.Thanx for the great advice. Great blog inspiring.

    1. Ursula, we all have to start somewhere , right? Looking back for those very first days in my blogging history is always makes me wonder how in a world was I able to get this far..?Thank you for putting together this awesome series and inviting me in! Looking forward to reading your post!Xoxo

  6. Excellent points! You are so right about Pinterest! Great traffic driver and great way to gain new followers!

    So much fun to hang out with you this week!


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