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SAMSUNG THE FRAME | The artsy TV for your home


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This is a sponsored post by Samsung. All opinions are 100% on my own.

Today’s technology sometimes blows my mind but I truly never thought that I would ever see anything like Samsung’s new TV, The Frame. The Frame was designed with people, like myself in mind who loves to create fun, stylish and creative spaces in their homes but aren’t so thrilled displaying the big black box, aka TV.

You guys!

Samsung has the solution now! Their new TV, The Frame is going to be revolutionary. This fantastic TV was designed in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar and is one of the most beautiful TV you have never seen. The Frame challenges the traditional black box TV, by integrating a beautiful design with high-quality display technology, while also complementing any living space and style.

We don’t currently have a TV in our living room, and when people walk into the room, they immediately ask about our TV. I don’t have it for one reason. I aspired to display a beautiful art piece instead of the big black box. I just could not see a TV fitting into my design style. The Frame would be THE perfect solution for me. With Art Mode, The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art when you’re not watching TV, by displaying a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces of art from different genres. You can also upload and show your personal photographs of family, friends, and experiences. How awesome is that? 

Its customizable frame has the flexibility to perfectly complement your home décor. It comes naturally with a dark metal frame, but also has with three additional bezel options in light wood, dark wood and white. I am in love with the wooden frame as it would truly blend into my home decor style.
The single, virtually undetectable Invisible Connection connects to the One Connect Box, eliminating unsightly cables and unnecessary clutter, and leaving your space beautifully uncluttered. My situation is slightly different currently. See my photo below.

In my bedroom we have a TV hung on the wall – it’s a Samsung as well and we love it, but the wires are visible. I try my best to hide them behind decor items, but of course, the cables are not completely hidden and while it’s close, it’s not all the way flush with the wall. With the No Gap Wall-mount that The Frame comes with, it hangs flush to the wall like a real picture, allowing easy installation and adjustment while seamlessly blending into any décor. I created a gallery wall to match my design aesthetic having my TV centered on the gallery wall, but I still feel the TV is not suiting into that gallery wall too well. The Frame would be a fantastic addition to my wall, don’t you think?

I am sold on this amazing TV.
The Frame is available in 65” for $2,799 and 55” for $1,999  on Samsung.com and retailers nationwide. When you are watching TV on The Frame, your favorite shows can be enjoyed in a lifelike, crisp picture in 4K HDR Pro, for a superior range of vibrant color and contrast at with four times more pixels than full HD.
What do you think?
The Frame or the big box TV?
I say The Frame is a win!

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