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DIY dollar store TABLE RUNNER

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I have to confess.
I am a Dollar Store junkie.
Had another trip to my local dollar store and this super cute FALL table runner was born.
My long dining table needed to be dressed up and I’ll tell ya,the runner looks fabulous with my FALL centerpiece.
Let me show you how to put together this easy table runner.

Found these simple, beige color table tops .
 They had several colors, but I wanted something that will go with my current color scheme.

Of course, my hot glue gun is super handy for these projects, so used it again.

This below was the only piece of fabric I found at home and I just did not want go to the fabric store 
to get a little piece of fabric and I also did not want to dig out my sewing machine.
I know
It’s not pretty.
  I used what I had.
 Did not worry much about it, since it won’t be visible.
I used this fabric to hold the table tops together.
You can definitely sew them together by hand too if you don’t have your sewing machine or you don’t want to choose my way.

 Started gluing the leaves that I also purchased from dollar store and I already used them for my CENTERPIECE project.

I glued 4-5 pieces of leaves for each section where the tabletops were attached.

My dining room table is dressed!
What do you think?

Do you like table runners?
I am sure I will soon need another one for Christmas 🙂

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Happy projecting!
Come and Follow along!

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  1. I love this cute but simple to do project. I’m going to do it and put my wood word fall on it with orange candles on each side. Thanks for this great idea.

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