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Ok…I promised another Christmas project tutorial last week.
 How many more can I make?Hmmm…not  much more!Seriously!
I am done with decorating and now I think its time to move on to  Christmas shopping.
I haven’t bought anything yet?Yep- I am crazy like that.
How is everyone with Christmas shopping?
Yesterday we wrote a letter to Santa { the whole family } and we got some interesting answers for
“What would you like from Santa”?
My 4 yrs old: Ninja Turtle I-phone–hahaha–he is too funny
My hubby: Tesla — of course honey
My 2 yrs old: a gift { at least his is realistic }
So this wreath was born just because I had too many old ornaments that I didn’t use this year and I thought it would be fun to create something like this
Well, this wreath was my inspiration.
Walking around in TARGET I spotted this wreath and I LOVED it.
 When I got home, I dig my closet but couldn’t find any sweaters that I didn’t need anymore so I went on to purchase yarn. Because I used RED to decorate this year, I picked colors that would match my color scheme.I chose the thicker yarn.
Using my favorite tool, {hot glue gun} I glued the yarn on the ornaments, starting from the top. You have to be quick, because the glue will dry super fast.
Just glue a little spot at the time. It looks time consuming, but it really isn’t.
Nice, eh?
 I made some balls using only red and only cream color yarn,
I twisted the 2 colors and created some balls that way.
I mix matched the colors…I really had fun with it.
I  played around with all possibilities and got some totally different looking yarn balls
Originally I wanted have a circle shape wreath, {just like my inspiration wreath}, but I didn’t have enough balls made and to cover the circle shape so I decided to cut a Christmas Tree shape out of cardboard.
I glued my yarn balls on the cardboard and covered the edges with yarn.
 To hang my wreath, I braid the yarn and punched a hole on
the card board to tie the braided piece on.
I filled the holes between the balls with yarn so my “tree” was fully decorated.
I really think it turned out very nice.
 Lots of texture and its so different because it’s shape.
I ended up hanging this wreath above my fireplace.
Here is another wreath you can easily create
Or how about this super festive
And if you wish to see how I used these
DIY decorations, tour my Christmas-y Home
Have a fantastic day!

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