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 Hello lovelies!  It’s Katie
from The
Casual Craftlete
again.  Today, I am sharing these gorgeous
No-Sew Linen Napkins.

They are great for entertaining!

No-Sew Linen Napkins  The Casual Craftlete for Place of my Taste

So, I must admit that I do not know how
to sew.  However, I do own a sewing machine that was handed down to
me by my mother and sewing is definitely on my list of things to learn
how to do.  In the meantime, I will have to stick to no-sew

I was recently browsing the Anthropology
website and started swooning over these Rustic Linen Napkins until I saw the price.
So, I thought I could make my own (no-sew of course) for a lot

No-Sew Linen Napkins from www.thecasualcraftlete.com for  www.placeofmytaste.com

My husband and I use to have company over
quite a bit before we had our daughter.  We enjoy making dinner and
having good conversations with our friends.  Now that my daughter
is 3 we are just now getting back into entertaining again.  So, I
am really excited to use these napkins very soon.



  • Linen fabric
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Steam iron
  • Cutting mat
  • Seam tape
  • Chalk

How to make linen napkins by www.thecasualcraftlete.com

First, you need fabric.  I bought 2
yards of this textured natural linen at my local fabric store.  You
really don’t need that much fabric, but that was how much was left on
the bolt so I bought all of it because it was on sale.  Next, using
a ruler or tape measure out 13″ square pieces.  This will allow
enough fabric for 1/2″ seam around the entire perimeter. I used a piece
of white chalk to make marks where I needed to cut.   Use your
rotary cutter or scissors to cut the lines.  *Make sure you use a
cutting mat.

How to make no-sew linen napkins by www.thecasualcraftlete.com

Measure out a piece of seam tape along
one edge of the square linen piece.  Leave a 1/2″ border between
the seam tape and the edge of the linen.  Gently fold the edge
over the piece of tape.

Easy No-Sew Linen Napkins by www.thecasualcraftlete.com

 Place a damp cloth over the linen
and use a steam iron to bond the tape to the fabric, using the
instructions on the tape packing.

Repeat this process until all four sides
of the linen squares are complete.

No-Sew Linen Napkins  thecasualcraftlete.com

For the corners you can make them square
or angled.  For square corners, simply fold and iron the top and
bottom followed by the sides.  They will look like the picture
above.  If you want a neater, more precise corner you can fold over
the top and bottom and then fold in the corners 45 degrees before
folding over the entire edge.  This will give you a corner like the
photo below.

No Sew Linen Napkins by www.thecasualcraftlete.com for  www.placeofmytaste.com

I was able to make 9 napkins from the
first yard and had approximately a yard left over.  The cost of the
2 yards of linen and seam tape was just under $15.00.  I think that
is pretty amazing and I just love how these napkins turned out.
They are neutral in color, rustic looking and will go with just
about every dinnerware setting.

No-Sew Rustic Linen Napkins by www.thecasualcraftlete.com

Thank you for letting me share my No-Sew
Linen Napkins with you!  I hope you will make some for yourself or
to give as a gift.

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Thanks for reading today!

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