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DIY: Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Love is in the Air!!

Everywhere I go I see red, pink, chocolates, cute gifts….that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.
Why not to give a personal gift from the heart? The most important thing is that we all know we love each other and not how much we spend on a Valentine’s gift. Buying another card or useless gift is not what I do.
I am ready to show you how you can make your cutest Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone you love– on the budget!
I used scrapbook papers in all these projects below. I LOVE scrapbook papers.They are so pretty and useful for any kind of decorations.

Make your own Valentine’s Day Gifts to make them special.

These cute little decorative boxes can hold any kind of little candy or perhaps stickers, tattoos for schoolmates of your kids.Or just simply make them for your own kids.
Very inexpensive but yet adorable little gift for little ones.

Here is What you need:
  • scrapbook Paper-(they come in millions of colors and patterns)
  • school glue(any kind would be good)
  • scissors
  • matchboxes(you can buy them in any grocery store, 10pc for $1)
  • ribbons, card stocks or anything to embellish them

Cover the matchboxes with the scrapbook paper and embellish them. Creativity is endless here.
Fill them with candy or stickers and send them off to school with your kid!I am sure everyone will love it!

This would be a perfect gift for a girlfriend or best friend.Everyone loves chocolate. Add some valentine’s flair to a simple chocolate and deliver it in a special and fun way.

For this project you will need:


  • empty can(any size)
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue
  • bamboo sticks
  • chocolate
  • ribbons
Wrap the empty can with scrapbook paper.Glue the edges together.You can decorate the top and bottom with a ribbon, if you prefer.
Cover the bamboo sticks with ribbons, glue both end to the bamboo stick. Insert the stick into chocolate balls(I used Lindor’s bc I love them..)  and place them in your cute wrapped can.Add notes to the outside of the can.



Make a special case with your valentine’s favorite beer or soda.Wrap a scrapbook paper around the cardboard case. Embellish with note cards.
Super easy project, and you know that it won’t end up in a trash..:-)
All you need for this project is basically the same :
  • Scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • beer/soda cardboard case
And last, but not least you can always make a morning coffee with love !


If you still would like to wonder around and find cute ideas, check our BHG.com here.

Happy Valentine’s Day for you all!!


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