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How to DIY Faux Limewash Wall


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The first project I tackled in the new house was this DIY faux limewash wall in my younger son’s room. My son found this inspirational picture on Pinterest, and he wanted me to paint a dark blue limewash wall in his new room.

Well- let’s do it, I said.:-)

Beautiful blue faux limewash wall

What is limewash?

Limewash is a traditional type of paint made from lime and water, often enhanced with natural pigments for color. Used for centuries across various cultures, it’s celebrated for its breathable, natural properties and unique matte finish. Limewash penetrates the surface it’s applied to, resulting in a weathered, textured appearance that ages gracefully over time.

You can get limewash paint from several sources if you choose to go that route.

In this post, though, I will show you how to achieve a similar limewash look using regular paint and the same application technique.

Why Limewash wall?

If you love the weathered, textured appearance- this DIY faux limewash is for you to try.

Achieving the elegant look of limewash on your walls doesn’t require expensive supplies or professional skills. With just a few simple items and a desire to DIY, you can create a stunning faux limewash finish that adds character and depth to any room.

girl sitting on a chair painting faux limewash wall

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How to faux limewash?

Begin by preparing your space and materials—you will need a good-quality large paintbrush, a few different shades of latex paint, and some of your time. Remember, the key to a successful faux lime wash is in the technique, so practicing on a piece of cardboard before applying it to your wall might help you to jump a good start.

Materials needed to DIY Faux Limewash Wall

  • A small bucket for water that fits the wide brush
  • A darker and lighter shade of your chosen color…I used BEHR- Jean Jacket Blue and Starless Night to achieve this look- interior flat finish.
  • A large piantbrush
  • Painter’s tray
  • Painter’s drop cloth to cover your working area
light blue and dark blue shades for faux limewash wall

Achieve the perfect faux limewash wall

  1. Begin by cleaning and prepping your walls – remove any dirt or debris with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Split the tray lengthwise in half with a piece of cardboard (this is optional—I did not split the tray) and pour the two shades of color into a painting tray.
  3. Dip the paintbrush into the water and then into the paint, making sure you see both the darker and lighter colors on your brush as well.
  4. Using your large paintbrush, apply a thin layer of the paint (a mixture of two colors) onto your wall in small sections using a crisscross technique.
  5. Continue applying the water/paint until you have covered the entire wall.
  6. For a more natural and aged look, lightly drag the painting mixture in vertical and horizontal strokes with your brush.
  7. Allow the faux lime wash to dry completely before adding additional layers for a deeper color or texture.
woman painting a DIY faux limewash wall

Watch this short video tutorial of the DIY Faux Limewash Wall

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By following these simple steps, you can easily and affordably achieve the luxurious look of limewash on your walls. Experiment with different colors and techniques to create a unique and personalized finish that will elevate your home decor. And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful space that reflects your personal style. Happy DIY-ing!

Remember, DIY projects are all about expressing creativity and making something unique for your home. And with this faux lime wash technique, you can easily add a touch of luxury to any room without the hefty price tag.

I also used the same tecnique with a light beige/greenish color in out entryway and love the feel of it especially with our DIY ARCH (tutorial is coming up!)in sight.:-)

DIY archway

So go ahead and give it a try – your walls will thank you!

dark blue limewash wall

Thanks for reading today.:-)

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