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Entry Way Update { How to paint wall stripes }

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Finally I can share my entry way project here on my blog. I posted an entry way inspiration few weeks ago and I was so excited to start to work on  this project. I always love fresh paint when it comes to redo and redecorate a room. This entryway wall is not too big, but I thought i could make a significant impact with thick stripes .
Below you’ll find some instructions, in case you get inspired to paint beautiful, straight lines onto your wall.
Here is a before and after picture.

Ok. That dark shoe cabinet had to go. What was I thinking? Wow!

 So since my shoe cabinets fell off the wall a few weeks ago, I thought I need a new one, a brighter one so I went ahead and I bought a white one.  We needed to touch up the wall first as the wall had way too many holes in it. For this type of job, I totally use my hubby’s help!


I decided to paint thick yellow stripes on this  piece of wall. It didn’t take more than maybe 2 hrs total time and some paint and I already had some leftover paint handy so I saved me a trip to the Home Depot.

So let see what you will need to paint your stripes on:
-blue painter’s tape
-measuring tape

As a first step,  paint your entire wall for the base color. Once it’s painted and dry, measure your wall and decide the measurements of your stripes.
Marking dots on the wall will help you tape straight lines. Once you measured your lines, lay out your tape. Seal the tape edges very well.
Paint your color in the taped area.{ Make sure you cover the whole area with paint between the taped lines}. Remove tape while the paint is still wet.

 …beautiful, super straight lines on the wall…
 I arranged four medium size frames, with black and white pictures- above the shoe cabinet.
. .. this is only half of my entryway project…stay tuned for the updates on the wall across the shoe cabinet.
Did you get inspired? If you did, start painting and let me know how it turns out!
Until next time!!

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    1. Hi Natalie!I will check the color codes {once I get to it in the garage – hopefully this weekend } and will e-mail them to you!Take Care~

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