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feather decoupage pumpkin (3)

I love an easy but pretty craft. And I know you do, too! Today I am going to show you how I made this pretty and chic feathers decoupage pumpkin to decorate my home. This year I am not adding much orange to my fall home decor but more blacks and neutral colors. I was standing in front of these pretty orange pumpkins, but I just could not put them in my basket. I found great white ones at Trader Joes so those came home with me. I am in love with feathers. Not so much of birds, though. But feathers are so fascinating and each of them is unique in a way. I picked up a few bags of feathers at Michael’s the other day and as soon as these white pumpkins got home, these feathers were decoupaged on minutes later. I think I even waited with putting out the groceries from the bags.

Yep. Tha’s how I roll. When some crazy idea hits my mind, it has to be done right away.

Isn’t this feather just gorgeous?

Feather Decoupage Pumpkin (5 of 11)


  • white pumpkin, real or fake
  • feathers
  • mod-podge
  • paint brush
  • a wet paper towel

Feather Decoupage Pumpkin (2 of 11)

As you see, I only added so much feather to the pumpkin. I did not want to over do it so I added the feathers spaced out. I only picked out the ones that had white dots on them.

I applied a small amount of mod podge to the pumpkin’s surface then I pushed the feather onto the pumpkin with my brush and fingers. I nicely finished it with another couple brushstrokes to make sure that the feather was nice and smooth.


I let the mod podge dry thoroughly. I used a wet paper towel to clean the mod podge around the feather where there was a lot. It was a super easy and quick ” pretty me up” moment for this ordinary pumpkin. I added a piece of black fabric to the stem and I stick in a few more feathers to the top to embellish.

Feather Decoupage Pumpkin (7 of 11)

Feather Decoupage Pumpkin (10 of 11)

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What do you think? I think it’s LOVELY. It looks perfect on my dining room table on that crazy fun KILIM runner from Target. Feather Decoupage Pumpkin (9 of 11)

Yesterday was the first day for the Bloggers Stylin’ Home Tours -Fall Edition that the lovely Lindsay, from the White Buffalo Style & Co. organize each year. I am so thrilled to be part of it. My tour is up on Thursday so be sure to come back!

Have an awesome day!
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