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Laundry – not our favorite space on Earth usually, is it? 😉 Let me help you with some tips on how to organize it to make managing everyday chores easier.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-

Happy Friday Friends!

My organizing series continues this week with my laundry space. When we moved here 6 years ago I got me this RED washer and dryer. I am not so crazy about them anymore and I wish they were white as I just LOVE white anything these days. It’s so interesting how our taste gets better with age-ha. I guess changing this RED washer and dryer was not an option as it is a bit high in price to change it just because I don’t LOVE their color anymore.

Instead, I tried to make this Laundry space work for my taste.

My laundry is on the 2nd floor and it isn’t a huge space, but enough to hold my items and stuff that I need in a laundry room. We built a nice folding table above the washer and dryer last year, which is very useful and helps me to keep everything organized when I fold clothes. It is a huge plus in this room, I highly recommend for you to build one for yourself.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4095

The long IKEA shelf is one of my favorite items of this room. Perfect to hold my baskets, jars and towels.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4130

As my husband usually leaves everything in his pants I dedicated this black basket for his belts. Right under this basket I have my big red box for ALL the lost socks.
I ALWAYS have way too many lost socks. Is it just me or that’s pretty normal..:-)?

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4139

I like to keep my clothes pins in a nice glass jar. For the clothes that I don’t dry in the dryer as they would shrink, I have a clothesline that I pull across the room when I need it.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4163

I created these printables which I pinned to the lid.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4146


laundry printables WEB

These black wire baskets were purchased at Target. Love them. They are so chic and perfect for organizing.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4147

I also bought this ironing board cover at Target, they have different colors and patterns. Such an inexpensive way to get stylish in the laundry room:).

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4174

Do you spot that black chalk panel? The laundry room had that wood panel already, which can be under the shelving unit. I thought painting it with chalk paint would make it fun. I can write quotes and other inspiring words on it. As I spend a few hours here weekly doing laundry and folding clothes, reading those inspiring quotes would make me want to stay in this room.

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4189


laundry printable 2

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4111

This wire laundry basket is also from Target.🙂

Organzied Laundry space - www.placefomytaste.com-4159

So what do you think? Do you have superstar organizing tips for your laundry space? Share them with me!

Organized Laudry

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Finally able to purchase the washer & dryer of our choice (as our home already came with a serviceable set), I’m on the search for ways to make the laundry area more pleasant and “me”. Your cute laundry printable will be front and center. Thanks so much for sharing the creativity and inspiration!

  2. Your laundry room is one of the prettiest I have ever seen, Aniko! Seriously! It caught my eye right away ’cause our set is red too (yes, I’m wishing it was white too!!) but yours looks beautiful with your decor! I am going to print that printable… It’s all so pretty and thanks a bunch for the inspiration, friend!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Kendra! I know, we get better with ago, right? I LOVED the RED back then but just wish I could trade it in for a nice white one:-) It is not easy to find the right decor and colors with RED. I tried with green baskets before and I wasn’t crazy about it. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far!Xo

  3. WOW!! I love this! that counter on top of the washer and dryer makes a huge difference and i love all the cute details in this room. Pinned it! Our place in Hong Kong is NOT good for laundry as here it’s normal for the washing machine to be in the kitchen and i don’t even have a dryer. So i haul the clothes from the kitchen wet, and then hang dry them on a rack in on of our bedrooms ;o) dreaming of a laundry space ;o)

    1. Emily, that is how we do it in my country too.I grew up hanging wet clothes all the time. When I moved to the states I had to get used to a dryer:-) Now, I doubt that I could live without it!!Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely week!

  4. I love the shelf covering the washer & dryer. I have been wanting to do that just to give a cleaner look. Ours is upstairs too so I have the washer in one of those trays to collect any leaks – not loving the look of that so I am on a mission to do something about that too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I love the folding shelf myself, Gina. Very useful. The tray below the washer isn’t my favorite either but I could not figure out what to do with it. Let me know if you come up with some solution:-) It was horrible gray so I spray painted to white which made it look little better:-) Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far!

  5. Girl, you’ve got some serious organization skills!! I love a good organized laundry room. I think it’s so important to make that room as organized and pretty as possible. We might as well enjoy being in there!

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