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This is a sponsored by FloraCraft®.  All opinions are 100% on my own.

henna pumpkiN

I am writing this post, and I realize that I have not shared any Halloween project this year. I’ve neer been a huge spooky decorator but at least I’ve shared a few projects last year-ha. This year it totally got out of my creative spirit, so I just did not decorate much for Halloween. FloraCraft® sent us a huge bag of spooky heads and few foam pumpkins to create something around the Halloween theme. I didn’t create anything scary nor spooky but rather something pretty that I can use around my decor inside the house.

This past weekend I second shot at a wedding, and the bride and bridesmaids had gorgeous henna motifs on their hands.

henna pumpkin (1 of 1)

I am a huge fan of henna. I have a friend who loves to practice on me and I LOVE that she loves to practice on me-lol.  I had my beautiful henna motifs up on my hands and foot all summer. ( if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of those motifs)

I am a firm believer that inspiration is everywhere. Seeing these lovely hands totally made me sit down on Sunday and create this cute Skullhead pumpkin.

Materials I used :

  • FloraCraft®Foam pumpkin

  • Sharpie pen

henna pumpkin (1 of 10)


I set down, and I hold the pumpkin between my knees. I  started to draw my design on the pumpkin with a Sharpie pen. I used the foam pumpkin as I knew that real pumpkins would only stay fresh for a limited time, and I can reuse this fun pumpkin next year when I pull out my fall decorations. As you see, there was no plan for this design. I only drew the “eyes” out as a starter, and then I went with the motifs while I was creating a skullhead shape on the pumpkin. I wrapped the pumpkin’s steam with black fabric to add a little contrast to the white.

henna pumpkin (6 of 10)

henna pumpkin (9 of 10)

henna pumpkin (10 of 10)

What do you think of this handmade design? I think it turned out lovely.

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