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Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Valentines day is fast approaching, and I just realized that I have not shared any Valentine’s post yet. I guess I was busy with our dining room “makeover” that was very spontaneous and turned out great. If you missed seeing it, check out how we hacked a simple IKEA shelving unit. DIY RECLAIMED WOOD BUFFET- IKEA HACK

Today I am sharing how you can make this gorgeous watercolor coffee paper wreath and turn it into a lovely Valentine wreath for your front door.

All you need is:

-wreath base- foam

– sew pins

-1 package coffee filter


– paint brush

Coffee paper wreath-Valentine wreath-23

I mentioned here on the blog before that I can not put anything on my front door that was made with a hot glue gun as our front door gets lots of sunshine during the da. Projects that were made with hot glue would fall apart in half a day.

For this wreath, I used pins to secure the coffee filter to the wreath base so I can hang it on my front door.

I folded the coffee filters half, then folded half again.

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Then I  hold 2-3 folded coffee filters together, kind of like formed a little “flower” and pinned it to the wreath base with my sew pin.

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

It was pretty quick to pin the wreath base entirely with my pretty “flowers.”

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

I made sure that the “flowers” were pinned on evenly, and the edges were nice and round.

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Then I painted the wreath with red watercolor. I brushed the top of the wreath slowly, almost just touching the top of the coffee filter.

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

What can I say? All I needed some music and a glass of wine to finish my little painting project:-)

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Once the RED color was dry, it was faded a bit and turned to this lighter, almost pinkish color. I wanted to add a little bit of extra color, and I painted another, darker coat on some spots to make this two toned look.

Coffee paper wreath-Valentine wreath-16

Stunning, don’t you think? And how easy it is to pull this lovely wreath together.:-)

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Coffee paper wreath-Valentine wreath-1-3

..and this is how it looks on the front door…

Coffee paper wreath-Valentine wreath-1-4

Did you like this easy Valentine’s Coffee filter wreath?

Pin this image for later to remember:

Watercolored coffee FILTER wreath-placeofmytaste.com

Check out my Valentine’s day gallery for more inspiration.


Have a great day!

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  1. Hello
    Beautiful make wreath so I need to know how many filter on wreaths alike 50 filter on wreaths so I will know I will make
    Thank u
    Blanche from New Hampshire

  2. I’m not sure how you pinned the two or three filters on the wreath. Did you pin the side of them? Could you show a picture of that step, it would help me out alot.
    Thanks. Cheryl

  3. This is sooo inspiring!

    I have to ask, where did you find and the cost of that green round thingy?? Lol

    How long did this take?

  4. Did the rain ruin this wreath at all? I really want to make one but am afraid that the weather will completely ruin it the first time that it rains!

  5. Thank you very much for this inspiration.

    What I really like about this project is it can be designed for all four seasons and various holidays. So easy and inexpensive. I would use a heart shaped foam base for VDay though.

  6. Today I found your web page and I signed up as fast as I could.Your site makes the craft projects so easy to do.Every one is made so that anyone can do them.the coffee filter wreath is beautiful, I can’t wait to go shopping. My kitchen is done in a pale blue and yellow and I think I will make one for my kitchen. Thank-you for much for your wonderful web site.

  7. So cute! I have been meaning to make another one since I gave my last to my daughter. I’m inspired!!!

    Love the furniture makeover too- gotta love that satisfaction of creating it yourself & for free. AWESOME!

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