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So you have heard the news!

We are moving!!

If you missed reading on it, be sure to get caught up on our story HERE. We have big plans for the future but for now; we are temporarily moving into a travel trailer (for the foreseeable future) to travel in the US while trying tiny living and just living with less in general.

So without further ado – MEET LOLA.

Yes, I name things. Did the boys love this name?

Noooo!:-) But I still call her LOLA. They can call her whatever they want!:-)

We looked so many different trailers before we bought this 2017 Forest River Vibe travel trailer. We will have 4 of us plus our Boomer- the golden doddle, and our cat Abby joining us so space was a deciding factor for us. We definitely wanted a bunkhouse too.

We know that we needed space in the trailer, so intentionally, we were looking at trailers that had two separate rooms with doors so the boys ( and Abby) can be separated when needed.


The more trailers we looked at the more obvious it was that no matter what trailer we buy I would want to make it our own and style it up “Aniko Style”. πŸ™‚ We will be spending a lot of time in this trailer, and it was essential for me to ( and for us) to have an environment that we will feel comfortable in.

The inside of the trailer was not terrible but I knew from the moment that the brown has to go. LIKE All fo it!:-)


I start every remodeling/ designing project with a mood-board. I gather all my ideas on a “board,” so I can visualize things together. I pretty much stay very close to the mood-board I create EVERY SINGLE TIME. It helps me to visualize things together and keeping the flow in the designing process. Below is the board for my vision for this trailer.


Here is the video of the interior of the trailer. Then read on the plans below.

And yes! I am crazy to start this renovation in such a short time, in the middle of moving out of our house, but the truth is that we are veterans in getting things done with limited time! Hence all of our ONE ROOM CHALLENGES! πŸ™‚ I always say that deadlines make me better and more creative, haha!


These below are the things we would like to tackle in the trailer:

  • PAINT!!! THE WHOLE thing! I see white walls all over to make space look bigger and some fun color for the kitchen cabinets and doors to break up the white.
  • Take out the ugly and dirty carpet
  • Take out bulky furniture and replace them with more functional pieces
  • Make a “study corner” for the boys in the bunk room
  • Add peel and stick tile as an accent wall for the bathroom
  • Add wooden accents where possible to make it more inviting and warm
  • Make window treatments
  • Build a desk
  • STYLE with small details that make a big impact!

Phew! That’s it!

I am tired already!!!!

But I know once all be done we will enjoy this space for the next months to come. Stay tuned!!

And as always, thank you for following along!:-)



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    1. I love this renovation! You are very talented. We have a similar floor style in our rv. I am in love with this sofa. May I ask where you got it and how you managed to get it in your rv? And, most importantly, is it comfortable?

      Thank You,
      Lori Flanagan

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