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Thanks for Nest to giving me the Nest Hello video doorbell. This is sponsored post; all opinions are 100% on my own!

Nest Hello Doorbell

Friends! Have you heard of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell yet? If you haven’t, read on because I am about to share this new, excellent technology with you guys! When I first saw a mini video introduction of the Nest Hello Doorbell, I knew I want one for my own house. Why?

Just because with the Nest Hello installed, you are always in the know who is at your door, even when you are not home – how cool is that? I loved the idea of being able to monitor my door 24/7.

Nest Hello Doorbell



But before we get into the cool features that Nest Hello has to offer, let’s check something important!

Is your home compatible with Nest Hello Doorbell?

Not every home is compatible with Nest Hello.

Below are the compatibility requirements that you need to check carefully before you set your mind on this new, impressive technology.

•Existing wired doorbell

•Doorbell transformer–16V-24V AC, 10VA

•Wired chime

•For a compatibility check visit Nest.com

Nest Hello Doorbell

Can you install Nest Hello by yourself or should you consider have it installed?

My answer is to have it installed by a professional. I had a local company ( Richmond Air – Richmond Virginia) came out and installed the doorbell in less than 30 minutes. The guy was very professional, and he knew what he was doing, and it was an easy in and out of the door visit.Nest Hello Doorbell

Alright! Now let’s look into the really fun stuff that I think you will LOVE!

Nest Hello Doorbell

NEVER MISS A MOMENT! You can engage with your guests and strangers at your door from anywhere and know who is knocking whether you are home or away!

With 24/7 video streaming check in on what’s happening at your front door any time of the day!

Nest Hello Doorbell


Nest Hello can detect a person in front of the door even if the person doesn’t ring the doorbell. Say what?? Your package carrier can leave the package at the door ( or you can tell them not to leave the package at the door if that’s your preference), and what ‘s even better is that you can talk to them live stream or send them a prerecorded message that Nest has available.

Nest Hello Doorbell


You have the option to analyze the recorded recent activity outside your home with the three-hour snapshot history. And listen to this…this is one of my favorite features! I can set up the doorbell to remember familiar faces. So cool!

Nest Hello Doorbell

Nest Hello Doorbell

So what can I say? We love this fantastic doorbell, and I would highly recommend the Nest Hello for anyone I know. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing what’s happening at my doorstep during the day even when we are away. The app is super easy to use, and the camera quality is excellent! I feel safer now as I know who is at the door and it makes me feel good to see when the kids get in and out of the house. I like to monitor when an important package gets delivered, and I like the availability to check my app anytime I am concerned about hearing a noise outside.

And the best thing…I don’t have to run down from the second floor to open the door if I don’t want to interact with the person who is at the door.:-) Oh yeah! And the last thing that I want to mention is the sleek design that Nest created for this doorbell.

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Thanks for checking in today. I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Nest Hello Doorbell.



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