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Painted IKEA inspired striped rug

Today I am sharing another project from the boys room. Oh…there is so much more to share. So, this painted rug was born last year but I never got to share it with you. Now, that we are in the process of our boys room makeover, this rug finally found its perfect place. The boys room color scheme started as orange and navy blue, but I think adding a little green totally makes the whole look of the room. I purchased this rug five years ago at  IKEA, for about 30 some dollars. It was a lovely beige color ( perfect for painting over).

Unfortunately, they don’t sell it anymore. I wish they do.

Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -0185

 This black and white carpet from IKEA inspired me to paint the same pattern, and I thought it would be super easy to replicate it with some fun color.


It was easy. Super easy. It took a little time to tape the whole rug, but it was totally worth the time.

Painted IKEA inspired rug

I used regular paint from BEHR. Color: Grass Cloth

I had some leftover from the GARAGE ORGANIZING PROJECT.  (  Sarah from Sarah M Dorsey Designs made this rug also, using a different color, check it out HERE)

Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -3211

I love mix and match colors and patterns. My vision for the boys room was something cool, fun with lots of colors.

Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -3212

Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -3214

Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -3216

What do you think?

If you missed the cool

STENCILED WALL, check it out (there is a GIVEAWAY going also)

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils

and be sure to check out the


Rainbow 'READ'sign - Place Of My Taste -

Thank you for visiting today!

I hope you got inspired to use some colors and mix-match patterns 🙂

Have a lovely day!


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  1. This looks great! I’ve been searching for a rug to put in my kids room- we have navy as a colour too and so the black and white options (although fun) are out for me… I wish they still sold these plain ones for me to try this out. Any suggestions where to find something similar?

    1. Colleen,unfortunately I have no idea where you could find a rug similar to this one. You may find something if you Google ,it was Erslev rug from Ikea.Hope it helps. I wish they sell it still as It was just perfect to paint. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. love love love it!!! I once used spray paint on a small rug and it didn’t last… yours looks like its holding up perfectly though!!!!

    1. Ahh! You are a talented woman and the rug is beautiful. I shall enjoy watching the projects as they come along. Keep up the beautiful work.

  3. Wow!! I would buy your rug hands dowm over ikea! it would look great as a wall hanging to refeash a room with a pop of color and texture! super job!!

    1. Roseland, I love your idea;-) It’s amazing how different we all interpret a project per our taste. Thanks for popping in and leaving your sweet comment! Have a great day!

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