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I will walk you through my house room by room ( except the kiddos room, as both of those rooms are under process- all day every day lol), so you can get a feel of my home decor style and you will find links to all or similar items that you will see in the house.

Our living room got a makeover almost three years ago. Wow, it’s so unbelievable to say that out loud. Ha. Our living room has been used as a playroom while the boys were in their early ages and we loved it as a playroom, but once the kiddos hit age three, some toys in this room were uncontrollable, and this living room looked like a war zone every day and every hour of the day. We decided to get this room in shape and make it to a beautiful and cozy room for the family.

And this is my most current look below. Follow me on INSTAGRAM to get the latest look of my home because nothing stay around here too long. Okay…I don’t mean to shop for new decor items but I am constantly moving stuff from one room another and it works because I keep a pretty cohesive look and decor throughout my home.

Our breakfast nook got a makeover in the spring of 2017. It got a mini makeover two years ago as well, but that was just a temporary fix up for the room. This past season we built our DIY WINDOW SEATING, and we got some new furniture pieces as well. You can see and learn more about the remodel in the BREAKFAST NOOK reveal post.

The family room is my favorite room of all. I love how bright it is. We made lots of changes to this room since we move in this house, but I think my favorite projects of all was the built in shelves. We used an IKEA Billy shelf to build in those shelves, and they turned fantastic. Learn how to create your BUILT-IN SHELVES here.

 I change out my mantel decor almost in every season so that you will see a few different versions of mantel decor below. ( Yeah, call me crazy haha.) Now, looking back at these various decorations I love them all.

Our dining room! The room that we don’t use enough. I adore this place. And this room also had lots of different designs over the years, but the current design stays the closest to my heart. Changing the paint color was everything in here. It was HUGE! Learn more on the changes we made to this space in the DINING ROOM MINI UPDATE post.

The SPA! Oh, guys! This room is the room of my dreams. And when my vision came to life I just could not believe it that this is our bathroom. We worked SOOO hard on getting this room into shape and bringing my dream bathroom to life. But at the end of the day, I say it was ALL worth it as now I have a SPA BATHROOM to enjoy.

Our master bathroom got a MINI MAKEOVER last year, and hopefully, we can update it soon with a full makeover. I love what we added and what we changed, but of course, I would like to tile the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling and replace the shower and bath tub eventually.


The workspace is my creative room. I spend lots of time here creating art, macrame and this is the room where all the back end work happens for my little blog. I think it’s important to create a space that inspires YOU.  See more of this room in this WORKSPACE MAKEOVER post.

The bedroom will get a mini makeover soon, but we pretty much love it as it is. We made a CUSTOM BUILT HEADBOARD a few years ago, and it’s holding up very well, and of course, I am still in love with the blue velvet cover. Swoon!

The paradise….That’s how I call this fabulous outdoor space, you all. The BIGGEST project that we have ever done but I think it’s safe to say that this is the BEST of our all time projects as well. We spend lots of quality time out here. You can learn more about the process and how we DIY-ed this entire outdoor space in our OUTDOOR KITCHEN reveal post.

The MASTER FORGE grill set is a fabulous choice if you are thinking about buying a larger grill set. We got the GRILL, the FRIDGE, and SINK sections and we are pleased with them. The five piece AMAZONIA outdoor dining set also was a fantastic choice for our outdoor area.