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Textured abstract wall art 1

You may have noticed lately that I share my artistic side a lot. I mean a LOT( follow me on Instagram to see sneak peeks of my little paintings :-)) I enjoy creating as I always have, and I love to display the art I create around the house. Breakfast Room reveal was shared last week and now I am back at my MASTER BEDROOM. I still have not show you my bedroom in full reveal. You got a little peek of it in my SPRING HOME TOUR but there are a few things more to share before the reveal. I started working on our master bedroom last year and it definitely looks like IT is a forever evolving room. I started with a simple yellow and gray MOOD BOARD and now it has many other colors, which I love. This large TEXTURED ABSTRACT WALL ART is hanging on the wall in the room as well, so today I will share a tutorial of how you can create an easy wall art on your own. I believe every house needs ARTWORK, so let’s do this!

Years ago, before I even knew what a blog was – and before I started this little journey of mine here on Place Of My Taste -we made these huge, chunky wood box pieces ( for wall art). There were no pictures taken – of course- so I can’t show you how we made them but it was pretty simple. I love canvases for wall art too, but I wanted a bigger, chunkier wall art so we made these thick wooden pieces.

Materials needed for the wooden box:

MDF wood panels

wood strip boards

small nail heads


We cut the wood to size ( ours are 26 x 32) and we nailed the corners together then I painted the sides with black paint.

Abstract textred wall art-1-2

Abstract textred wall art-2-2

To create the textured surface I decided to mod podge some white tissue paper on the top of the wood. I mod podged the surface first then I nicely pushed the tissue paper on with my hand to create the uneven, textured feel. All I did was is that once my palm were on the tissue paper I moved my hand around that created this uneven, textured look.

textured wall art

Then I spray painted my art piece with raspberry pink, yellow and little bit of white Rust-oluem paint. Just went on and sprayed a curve without any further planning of the design.

textured wall art 2

Abstract textred wall art-1-3

Once the paint was dry I hung my art pieces on my wall , above my MID CENTURY MODERN DRESSER. It looked good but I did not love it there very much so I took them off and painted  little more personality on to them. That large area above the dresser now got a nice little GALLERY WALL – it is coming up on the blog soon!

MidCentury modern dresser makeover - www.placeofmytasteUsing acrylic paint and my art tools I added some other colors to the palette. All I did was is that I poured some paint on and with my palette knife I smoothed the paint in different directions.

Abstract textred wall art-3-3

Abstract textred wall art-4-3

There is no right or wrong when you creating your abstract wall art. You can go any direction, any color any design – it will look amazing.

Abstract textred wall art-5

That was easy, right?

Note: You don’t have to make a big wooden box to create this wall art, you can absolutely make this wall art on a simple canvas as well.:-)

Abstract textred wall art-3

Hope you like this easy tutorial! Let’s create something pretty for your walls!

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textured abstract wall art

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Cheers for creating something awesome today!

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