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You guys get to see my new living room rug today!New living room rugg

Time flies like crazy, and I can hardly believe that this is Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! If you are new here, welcome! The One Room Challenge is hosted by Calling It Home, and it’s six weeks ( well, it’s really five weeks) room makeover challenge. I am currently working on my living room, and quite honestly I can’t really see the end of it just yet. I am a bit panicked at the moment, but I know that I will pull this room together no matter what, even if it’s last minute ( just because I am such a last minute person).  HERE you can see my plans for the room.

Today I want to share my new LOVE with you guys…my New living room rug.

I went to browse the net for rugs, and I visited my favorite rug store, RugsUSA where I spied this beauty. It’s the

This LIVING ROOM RUG is the Chroma Vivid Medallion

It was displayed on the front page, and I could not get away from that rug in my mind. I looked, I looked, and I looked a  little more, but I kept coming back to this particular rug. Not sure why. The colors of this rug were just fabulous. And I could see it beautifully styled in my home. So fast forward, I hit the BUY button. Yup! And the first time, I ordered a large enough rug. You know, if the rug is not big enough for the room it can make the room look funny. I bought a 7’10” x 10’10” rug which is the perfect size for my room. The rug is 70% off now so if you like it head on and order it now!

RugsUSA (1 of 9)

Shipping was extremely fast (as always). It only took a few days for the rug to arrive at my house. I was delighted to see this rug when I rolled it out. The colors are gorgeous. Jewel tones mixed with saturated colors. The rug has pink, purple, red, blue, orange. Awh! I love it!

RugsUSA (4 of 9)The rug also has a very light shine to it. It has that beautiful silky look, and when you rub the rug, it changes colors. The rug is pretty thin but surprisingly very soft and comfy. It also kind of changes colors as the light changing in the room. The description on their site says RED but as you see there is not much RED in there.RugsUSA (7 of 9)

RugsUSA (2 of 9)

And look what I found yesterday. These gorgeous velvet pillows are from Word market, and they match the rug perfectly in color.

RugsUSA (5 of 9)

And of course the walls are empty,  I am in the hunt for side tables ( in thrift stores) but there is a little peek of my new sofa cover on the pic below.

RugsUSA (8 of 9)

Next week I am going to share just that.:-)

And the week after I am going to reveal our built in shelves. IF it’s ever going to be done..phew!

If you missed it last week, check out my fun MACRAME WALL HANGING that also part of my living room projects.



Be sure to check back next week.

And before you go head on and check out my PATIO REFRESH!

Patio Refresh (1 of 20)

Thanks for visiting!



*Thank you for RugsUSA for providing me with an extra discount for the product.*


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  1. I am trying to find that rug but it is not listed anymore as chroma vivid medallion. Is there another name for the rug?

  2. I LOVE your new rug! I’ve been looking for a rug for my master bedroom for a while now, and that just may be it! The room is looking great, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

    1. I think I could be the queen of colors if there was a contest. I love USING colors in a fun way in my home. It just simply makes me happy. And although I am using a pink toned rug here, my signature YELLOW will probably be present in the room in some form.:-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hoooly moly that rug + those pillows. What a dream!! I’m working on my patio for the challenge, so I’m excited to check out your Patio Refresh for some inspiration!

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