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Tips for interior photographyHello and Happy Friday!

It’s that time of the month again, the last Friday , when I share some photography tips with you all! Today, you can read about a few simple tips for INTERIOR photography. I am not an expert of interior photography, just sharing my experience and tips that hopefully will help you for a good start. When it comes to photographing my interior I always end up clicking to much just because I like to have plenty of options to choose from.

My first and very important tip is to

turn off the lightsYou won’t believe the difference between a picture with lights ON or lights OFF. If possible try and wait until you see the sun out if it is grey and rainy day. I would suggest to shoot your interior photos early in the morning or mid afternoon. Have all your shades open or pulled up so you get as much as light as possible through your windows. Try not to shoot directly into the light though. It can throw off white balance and exposure.

Here is an example of having the lights ON versus using NATURAL LIGHT.

Light-no lightI think it’s absolutely obvious  which one is more pleasing to your eyes.

Mohawk Rug Review @placeofmytaste.com-5598

My next important tip is to declutter your area or space that you are photographing.


Declutter your area or space that you are photographing. Remove unnecessary items that could distract your image. For example, remove things from your nightstand when you are photographing your bedroom. Instead of showing your personal items, have a small vase filled with freash flowers placed on your nightstand.

HEADBOARD makeover-8

Make sure to hide electrical wires and plugs as much as possible.


Use a tripod

If you have the option, make sure you use a tripod for interior photography. Small movements can make your images  blurry. Don’t give yourself a chance to get disappointed when you upload your images to your computer and you see that your photos are not sharp enough.

While shooting, try shooting from different angles and make sure you follow the grid lines when you look into your camera so your furniture won’t look like they are falling { like this image below}. Also,  I love photographing interior in eye level or below. I usually don’t shoot from a high level.

upholstered headboard-ikea malm hack@placeofmytaste.com-5484


I think a key to a great interior photo is great styling. You don’t have to think big.

Add magazines to a coffee table, stock books on each other and put a small reading glasses on the top…Add a cup of coffee on your table or office desk and  add beautiful fresh flowers to bring life to your photos.


{ more images here }

Mohawk Rug Review @placeofmytaste.com (1 of 1)

{ more images here }

FallDining Room by Place Of My Taste (40 of 44)

{ more images here }

FallDining Room by Place Of My Taste

Iron your bedding linens, fluff your pillows, make the bed for a great bedroom shot.

Ikea Malm Headboard Makover @placeofmytaste.com

{ more images here }

Add hats, scarfs, handbags, shoes, boots to make your house look  lived in.

Entry Way (9)

{more images here }

I hope you find these tips helpful!

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Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Aniko,
    This was a very interesting and informative post, and I really liked it……….great job!
    I have seen that about using a tripod before and really need to try that. I have a difficult
    job trying to take pics in my family room, as it doesn’t get as much natural light because
    of our screened porch being behind it. So I usually have to turn on lights in there. I have
    heard that it is best not to use the flash for photography either. Got any suggestions??

    Thanks for doing this post……..it is helpful……….
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. These tips are great! I have shaky hands, so I’ll definitely need to look into a tripod. Sometimes it takes me several shots to get a clear picture.
    I’m pinning both this and your food photography tips. Found you through Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  3. Yes, a tripod! I find them frustrating and just one more thing to work with….however…what a difference! I was just using mine today, having not had it out in a month or so, and WOW!
    Your tips are great, as are the images to go with them. Can you tell us, what kind of camera do you use? Maybe you have it in a link? I just came over for the first time from Shine Your Light, and I’ll follow you now, and be back for sure. And I will pin this on my board! thanks so much, Libby

    1. Hi Libby! I am glad you that you stopped by and found something that you liked;-)I am a Nikon user and I used Nikon 5100 for a long time then I got my new D600.I will talk about gear and lenses in this series. I post photography tips once a month. Hope to see you back!Have a wonderful week!

    1. Deborah, these are easy tips that help you for a good start. I am so happy that you found it helpful.Hope to see you back here…have a wonderful week!

  4. I just clicked over from instagram, and you definitely delivered solid content! When I did the house tour I used natural light, but I didn’t have my DSLR yet. I really love these tips. I can’t wait to get started…after I buy a tripod!

    1. Jessica, I am so glad to have you here. I hope you will be back for other great tips, crafts and recipes.Have a wonderful week!Xo~

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