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DIY TOTE BAG using fabric napkins

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DIY TOTE BAG using fabric napkins

Happy Friday!

Call me crazy…This bag came to life yesterday afternoon after seeing a few Tote bags around on blog land in the past weeks. First I spotted Mary-Beth’s basket bag , then Amy’s West Elm Knock Off bag and yesterday another talented friend’s feed popped up , Amy’s from Homey Oh My with her tote bag.

Wow! Love them all!

The story goes back a couple of weeks when I wandered around in Target { kids free, that’s when it’s possible only, otherwise we are at the toys section the whole time}. So when it comes to ME being alone in Target, it is usually end up being a long trip because I dig through every Clearance section. It’s absolute guilty pleasure, seriously.

I found super cheap and colorful fabric napkins for less then $3. { 4 pc.  }. Some of them were 0.98 c.

Wow…Gotta love this price

I quickly filled up my shopping cart, as I knew they will  also be great food photography props.  I was also planning to use them for making pillow covers.

But yesterday afternoon I had ants in my pants to whip up a quick


upcycling inexpensive fabric napkins.

I have a sewing machine, so It was an easy project. Amy did not use sewing machine so if you don’t have one, go check out her tutorial.

This is what I started with:

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-1

I laid out the napkins and cut a little chunk off of them. I could have keep the square shape but I decided to go rectangular.

Tote bag collage

I sew each side together, using my sewing machine. Easy- peasy. My mom thought me how to do basic things with the sewing machine. I don’t use it often but it’s good that I have it when something like this hits me in the middle of the afternoon.

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-5

Then I used and old belt and cut it in half to get 2 peace for use thme as handles.

I sew each piece on each side of the bag and VOILA, my colorful, springy and say STYLISH DIY tote bag was done in no time.

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-14

I love the color red as it bold and happy. And not to say how much I love the cost. About $1.50.

Happy dance:-)You can not beat that!

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-8

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-12

The handles are strong as they are leather.

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-17

What do you think? Will you make yours?

This easy bag can also make great gift for mother’s day or darling gift for a friend. My friend’s birthday is coming up and she may be a lucky one to get one of this cute Tote bag:-)

DIY Tote bag @placeofmytaste.com-18



Take a trip to Target and check out their Clearance section. I am sure you will find something awesome.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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  1. How creative to use napkins!! The pattern is gorgeous (love red). And you made it just yesterday!? Talent. And sewing machine- you are making it clear that I need to get over my fear of using one.
    Thanks so much for the shoutout! Glad to feel like I may have put one or two of those ants in your pants :).

  2. What a beauty! I’m a huge fan of Target’s clearance area. This bag couldn’t not be any cuter. Thanks for the inspiration, like always!

  3. I love the idea to use napkins, the top seam is already done for you then! Your use of an old belt as the handle is such a good idea too, your sewing machine must be pretty hard core to get through that, I was peering at your pictures to see how you managed it – it looks like just back and forth with some zig zag stitches.
    You just can’t have too many tote bags and they are perfect presents. I too cannot pass up a bargain (it seems rude not to, when the deal is sooo good!)

    1. Julie, Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I did the zig zag stitches and it was totally fine.The belt wasn’t that thick, the machine was able to go through easily.I am such a bargain shopper. Can never leave a good deal behind:-) Have a fantastic day!Xo

  4. super cute Aniko! I love how simple and cheap this it ;o) I’ve got a spring purse/tote on my todo list, but haven’t done it yet. Pinned! Emily Oh and what recent posts widget are you using in the footer? ;o)

    1. Thanks Emily! I am not a sewing pro, not even close… but it was just really so super easy to put together this TOTE bag and I am loving it:-)I e-mail you in a bit about the plugin!Xo~

    1. Ashley, thanks for stopping by!The best projects are born with a load of inspiration usually;-)Have a wonderful week!

    1. What a great Monday morning..So good to read your sweet comment, Cathy! Thanks so mcuch! I truly love this bag myself:-)Xo~

  5. This is amazing and I love the napkin fabric! Home Goods has had so many fun and floral napkins that I have been eyeing, and I just love the idea of turning them into a tote bag! I always check out placemats for pillows when I’m at Target, but will definitely start paying attention to their napkins too. Thanks for sharing at The Makers! Pinned 🙂

    1. Katie, I love to upcycle ( just as you do;-) things. I think this bag turned out very cute…♥ Thanks for hopping over!Have a great day,Xo~

  6. I love your bag, the pattern on the material is great. Such a great idea to use napkins, I haven’t seen anything other than plan for sale here in the UK, so next time I’m in the States, I’ll be popping by a target and stocking up.

    1. Hellie, i always keep my eyes open when I am out and about. Love finding bargains, and when I can come up with a great projects, it’s always makes my day. thank you for visiting, have a lovely day!Xo~

  7. Isn’t it the best to find a way to make something fantastic out of very little? I’ve been using napkins and on sale place mats to make things like pillow covers, totes, and whatever else I can think up at the time. I’m a very spontaneous crafter. If an idea hits me I go for it right then or I’ll forget it. (the fun of being 73 yrs. old). You did a great job on your tote and the belt for straps was so clever, good for you. I think so many times the spontaneous projects turn out better. I buy old belts at thrift stores in case I need them for something. We live out in country so driving to store quickly isn’t gonna happen, I like to have what I need handy right then.
    I made a couple pillow covers out of triangular place mats from Pier 1 clearance and they had a cute beaded trim on them. I just opened up the bottom seam, stuck my travel pillow in and had a pillow cover. Later on I put transfers on both. Have fun with your projects. Your bag is gorgeous in the red and white, I love it too, so bright and clean looking.
    Happy Spring days

    1. JaneEllen, I really loved reading your comment. So sweet!I am not 73 yet,not even close… but I still forget almost EVERYTHING. When I am out and about I brainstorm lots of projects and by the time I get home I forget half of it. Now, I started carrying a little notebook to pencil in my quick and spontaneous ideas.I also love finding bargains and perhaps upcycle them to something amazing. And,yes I totally agree, the most spontaneous ideas and projects are usually the best!Have a lovely day my Dear and Happy Spring to you too!

  8. The belt handle is pure genius! The Target clearance sections are definitely a weakness of mine. And that was when I only saw napkins as pillows. I can’t wait to see what I can find now that I realize I can make totes out of them as well! Thanks for sharing this at Thursday STYLE!

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