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Mother’s day is only couple of days away and it’s a BIG day as we celebrate the most important woman in our lives. If you have not found the perfect gift for MOM yet, I will show you how you can make these pretty amazing wine bottle vases in no time for your MAMA.

Painted Wine Bottles and mother's day printable  by Place Of My Taste )

This is going to be a fun and easy tutorial today guys that anyone can tackle at home. I really love to give homemade gifts as I think they are much more meaningful than a gift card.

Are you ready to see how I created this beautiful gift?

First you need to dig out 2 empty wine bottles from your recycling can ( or any other long neck bottles would be perfect )

And some other things as well, like:

– 2 different color spray paint

– rubber bands

– colorful ribbon to embellish

– fresh flowers ( I love tulips)

Wine bottles to pretty vases by Place Of My Taste

 I really loved these colors together. They are nice and fresh for Spring!

Here are the steps to make these fun vases:

 Spray paint  both bottles, one with white, one with blue spray paint then let it dry completely.

2. Once the paint was dry, I pull a handful of rubber bands on each bottles. The painted bottles looked great already but I wanted to create some sort of design on them to make them more unique. As you see on the picture below, there was no particular order that I followed with the rubber bands. They were randomly placed on the bottles. I sprayed the bottles again, but this time I chose the opposite color for each bottles.

3.Let the paint dry completely and once everything is super duper dry  slowly start pulling the rubber bands off of the bottles.

Wine bottles to pretty vases

Easy enough, right?

I really loved how these bottles turned out.

For embellishment, I used pretty strawberry pink ribbons on the bottles.

Painted Wine Bottles and mother's day printable  by Place Of My Taste (3 of 9)

Painted Wine Bottles and mother's day printable  by Place Of My Taste (2 of 9)

I put fresh TULIPS (check out more gorgeous shot of these tulips HERE ) into the vases.

I created a super cute MOTHER’S DAY PRINTABLE CARD to go with these vases to get the look I wanted.

Beautiful Gift for MOM



I really believe that homemade gifts worth thousand times more than the most expensive gifts!

They are made with LOVE and are given from the bottom of our hearts.


I hope I inspired you to dig out some wine bottles from the garage!

If your mom likes jewelry, you can also make her an awesome jewelry box under $5.

West Elm Knock Off – Jewelry Slide Box

Jewelry Slide box (West Elm Knock Off)  by Place Of My Taste

Or DIY her a gorgeous Tray and present it with fresh flowers

DIY TRAY from an old picture frame


Thank you so much for reading today!

 Have an awesome day!


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