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Here are a lot of closet organizing ideas so that you can find the one that fits your likes and needs.

garage organizing ideas
My 2014 didn’t start as I imagined, laying home with a stomach bug isn’t much fun…
the rest of the year could only be better! 🙁
Last year when I started blogging, one of my goals was to get my super unorganized life organized.
Did it happen? Of course not!

I have lots of great and big plans, and I am hoping that I will be able to keep them going throughout the year.

My only wish for Christmas was a new closet.

My closet is a mess.

I have too many clothes that I don’t even touch, ever. Some of them even have their tags on… ouch.
I’ve rounded up some great ideas to have a good start with my closet organization.



Well, this is my dream closet…Forever!
I can tell you now that this is won’t ever be my closet…

{ pinterest source }

Just to stay realistic, I probably can make this closet happen, or at least something similar, …although, my closet is about half the size of this one.

{ pinterest source }

I think I need to add lots of shelves where I can fold my shirts and workout clothes.

{ pinterest source }

I have way too many scarfs and this would be a great hanger for them.

{ pinterest source }

Aww, …I love these hangers. …I wish I could find these someplace, or had the time to DIY them…

{ pinterest source }

I like these big baskets to hold different closet items.

{ pinterest source }

The perfect shoe-organizing idea… Hmmm… I think I could make this happen.

{ pinterest source }

I will try to organize my clothes by colors to make it easier to find them.

{ pinterest source }

All my jewelry is out in my bedroom currently and I definitely want to move them into my closet.

{ pinterest source }

How cute are those frames with the jewelry hanging in them…

{ pinterest source }

Well, I definitely got inspired and I can not wait to show you my NEW closet soon!

Here are some more organizing ideas, I know we all are in organizing mood in January.:-)


Have a great and organized January!
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  1. Can I just say that while the closet on the first picture is amazing, there’s a pair of boots on top of what seems like a briefcase. For me that’s just unsanitary (germs!!!) and can also damage the bag.

    1. Yeah Girl! I started my garage organizing in the spring I think…Its was about half done and now it looks almost where we started. But 2014 is the year…I feel it!:-) Hope you are having a great weekend!!Xoxo

    1. Joanne, don't we all dream about an organized life?In the beginning of the year at least we all are in organizing mood 🙂 Thanks for pinning! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. that is my goal for every year… to be more organized but I am not that kind of person… My husband made me two necklace holders and guess where most of my necklaces are… still in a ball on my dresser… Great ideas.. Pinning

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