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DINOSAUR THEMED PARTY { …and FREE printables }

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Kids love dinosaurs, so throw them a Dinosaur themed party and grab your free printables to make the design perfect,
I promise they will be so thrilled!
 We celebrated my boys’ birthdays last month. The boys asked me to throw a dinosaur themed party for them. My oldest is absolutely into Dinosaurs for about a year now and, of course, the little one is just copy everything his big brother does…so he is in love with them too:-)
Both of my boys were born in July, and we celebrated their birthdays together.
 Pinterest was my source for inspiration.

Found some very cute dinosaur related party ideas for a Dinosaur Party.

I also spent some time- YEAH -designing cute printables, that I am sharing with you here.
They are FREE to download and print for your next Dinosaur themed Birthday Party.


They turned out cute when I printed them and dressed up all the cupcakes, the little water bottles, and the DINO themed snacks with them.
The DINO banner was made out of separate paper pieces. I punched a small hole on each piece and hung them on twine.
 The water bottle sign was just perfect.
 Aren’t they darn sweet?
Oh…and this Watermelon Dinosaur was a big hit. It was super easy to shape, and it looked just like a  dinosaur head.
I found this easy tutorial how to carve a dinosaur out of watermelon HERE
I bought BUGLES corn nacho chips at the dollar store and turned them into DINO toenails.
Shaped cantaloupe and honey melon into little balls to look like DINO eggs.
The cupcake logos turned out super cute with the different dinosaurs added to each logo.
I glued the printables to a white stick (purchased at Michaels, cake section).
 Plain pretzel sticks made into DINO bones. 🙂
I also designed THANK YOU notes and attached them to a very inexpensive (25 for $1) simple brown paper bag (dollar store),
to make up the PARTY FAVORS.
Filled the paper bags with dollar toys and goodies, small dinosaurs, pencils and dinosaur notebooks.
Are you ready to throw your Dinosaur Party?
And here are the printables!
Click on each image and it will take you to a site where you can download them!








Did you like these printables?
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FREE Dinosaur themed party printables
To end this post, I wanted to share the cutest Dinosaur Cakes.
 My boys loved them. I made two identical shaped cake, just to make sure there is no fight over it…one blue and one green.
Baked a round cake and cut out little pieces to shape the dinosaur.
Made one vanilla flavored and one chocolate flavored cake. Covered it with homemade fondant.
(Baking happened at night, sorry for the image quality:-)

I hope I inspired you to make the best Dinosaur themed party for your next Birthday party!
I don’t have a daughter, but I made a super cute


for my sweet neighbor, check it out below:
Or here is a fun SPLASH PARTY themed birthday party idea
and here are some more FREEBIES for you!

     Thank you for visiting!


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  1. Hey just wondering what size paper do I use for the thank u tags and banner please I’m doing a dinosaur for my sons 1st bday in November! Did you use cardboard for the banners? I printed A4 normal white paper with the tags and only got two in…..Thank you heaps for creative ideas

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all that precious work! I’ll use them for my boy’s 5th birthday in a very far country. Turkey 🙂 Love…

  3. Hi there! Very cute Dino party! Thanks for sharing your ideas and the free printables. I will be using the little flags and thank you tags next weekend. My daughter turns 4 and my son turns 2 (both in May) and they are having a joint dino party.
    Please can you tell me how you tied the brown paper gifts bags as it is done very nicely.
    Mel, Cape Town

    1. Hey there! Thanks for using my Dino printables. The paper bags were from Dollar store and they were simply folded 2-3 times on the top.:-) and I added a twine to make it look cute(er)! 🙂

  4. Your printables are great! With a little pink or purple and some well-necessary glitter, they will be perfect for my daughter’s dinosaur birthday in October. She loves dinosaurs, so her 4th birthday will be dinosaurs! I am going to attempt the watermelon dinosaur as well. We will see about the cake. Your cakes for your boys turned out adorable! Thanks for some great inspiration!

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