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Diy Decorative box (1 of 1)-4


My very first DIY project this year. Woohoo! I took my time, ha! Well, to be honest with you I am crazy busy focusing on my ‘ultimate photography eBook for bloggers‘ right now, so DIYing was put aside for a bit. But as soon as my eBook is out, I should be back on a roll with my projects. ( if you want to know more about the eBook, click HERE)

Remember all those fun projects last year with FloraCraft®? You guys, this cute project, is part of the foam project series. Every month some awesome bloggy friends and I get a box of goodies, and we would have to come up with a unique idea to use the product that we are getting. This month, FloraCraft sent us some Foam Sheets to create a home decor project it had to be a project that can not be created with regular canvas. My husband was so sweet to me the other day, and he signed me up for a nice massage so while I was laying getting my massage I was thinking what could I create that can not be made using canvas? Then this idea stroke my mind.  ( I can never stop thinking-haha)

I like cute projects that everyone can recreate. This one is nothing different, my friends. We are planning to add built-in shelves around the fireplace ( I hope soon)and this DIY DECORATIVE box will be a perfect element to my shelfie. And the beautiful thing about it is that I can put real branches into this vase. How cool is that!

So here is what you need to recreate this decorative vase:

FloraCraft® Foam sheet

Mason jar

Hot glue gun

Smooth finish or

Paint and a paint brush

FloraCraft® Foam cutting tool


Cut out a square or rectangular shape from your foam sheet. (I used the thicker foam sheet, so I only had to stack two layers on the top of each other.)

Stack them cut them to shape so they would be nice and even and glue them together with hot glue.

Draw the mason jar around and cut out a hole for the mason jar ( this mason jar is fairly small but enough to hold real cute branches from my backyard)

Becuase the foam texture is a little rough I smoothed the surface  with smooth finish ( you can also use

After the smooth finish was dry, I painted it with acrylic paint. And you can get creative here!


Diy Decorative vase (1 of 4)

I like how this project turned out. I poured water into my mason jar, and I got a piece of magnolia leaf from my backyard and this cute box is now sitting on my coffee table. Can’t wait to have my shelves done and pretty up my shelves with this decorative box. I think the texture looks great, and the way I used the brush even adds a little twist to the vase.

Diy Decorative vase (2 of 4)

Diy Decorative vase (1 of 1)-4

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Diy Decorative vase (1 of 1)-3


If you are looking for a beautiful printable for your Valentine, be sure to grab this gorgeous watercolor printable.


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I sure hope you got inspired!




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