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 DIY drop cloth pillows are too easy to make!!!
DIY Drop cloth pillow covers ! Ahmazing project for the Holidays!
Hey, Everyone!
Today I am sharing a cool and super easy project. This year my Christmas tree will be in my living room, and I thought It would be nice to see some new pillow covers that are going to flow with my Christmas colors. These awesome pillow covers were made out of a drop cloth. Yup! You can go to The Home Depot, buy some drop cloth and make these cool pillows. Deal?
You probably noticed that drop cloth projects are all over the web now, and I think they are pretty amazing.
I love the idea to dress up old pillows without having to buy new ones. And it also very inexpensive.

Do you love these pillow covers?

Here’s what you need to make them yourself:
drop cloth
old pillows

painters tape


I have a sewing machine, and I used it sew my covers, but if you don’t have one, use this great tutorial from my bloggy friend Krista, to make yours without a machine.

Next, I taped my cover to paint thin lines around the edges.

I used my cutting tool { Silhouette-which I LOVE } to cut my stencils.
Using my little sponge brush, I painted my pillow cover with my chosen color.

I peeled off my stencil, and I got my beautiful big number 25.

I did the same thing with my other cover using my HAPPY HOLIDAYS stencil
My beautiful pillow covers for the Holidays were done in less than 30 minutes…
..and they look gorgeous on my black sofa.

What do you think?

Pretty neat and so different.

Will you try this project?
How do you refresh a look of your old pillows?

Here is another drop cloth project I shared last week:

Drop Cloth Christmas Wreath

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Thank you for visiting!


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  1. where is Krista’s direction for making the cute pillows without a sewing machines? would love to know.
    Thx bunches & Merry Christmas!!

  2. Love it!

    Just moved to The States last year, and I’m still learning new words.
    Tried to google “Drop Cloth” to see where I could go buy some – because I definatly need these for Christmas!!

    Do you remember where you bought yours? I would be very sorry to buy the wrong thing.

    Thanks for sharing this great tuturial !!

  3. Great job on the pillows. I too have a Silhouette Machine and I’m just starting to use it. Are you using a certain paper for your stencils to keep them in place?

  4. I love your drop cloth pillows! I need to run out and get some, very nice job. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Tammy @ thecoloreddoor.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Krista! I indeed love the rustic look of the painting. Such easy and cute project:-) Thanks for pinning 🙂

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