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DIY fabric roller shade- Placeofmytaste.com

It’s Thursday, and it’s time to show you my latest on my office/craft room. If you are new here,  I am participating in a One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling it Home. The challenge goes for six weeks, and I am giving you a little update on our progress Oeach Thursday.


Today I wanted to share a super easy DIY with you guys. I was planning to create a craft corner for me in this room that get’s lots of light so I can also photograph my projects once I am done with them.

Here is a before picture of this corner in the room. You agree that it needed help. Right? I do too:-)


I got a couple of yards of this lovely patterned fabric from IKEA and quickly gave a little face lift for my OLD chair and made up a DIY fabric roller shade to make that corner look awesome.


-roller shade (from Home Depot)

– beautiful fabric

– scissor

– multi-purpose adhesive ( I used Scotch)


– clean surface to work on

DIY roller fabric shade


1. Prepare a clean surface to work on ( I laid a big sheet on the floor, so the dirt didn’t stick to my shade)

2.Measure your window and cut your shade to size ( I left a few extra inches on)

3. Measure your fabric for the same size and cut it. Iron it to be nice and flat.

4. Turn your fabric face down and spray it with your adhesive spray then flatten your roller shade on fabric.

Tip: Do it slow to make sure you won’t get wrinkles on your fabric


DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-13

As I mentioned earlier, I also upholstered a chair that I had already. I bought the chair in a thrift store sometimes last year, and it looked very BLAH before, and I bought it with the intention of upholstering it with pretty fabric.


It took me a maybe 10 minutes to paint the frame and another 10 minutes to cover the sitting pad.

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-11

It looks much better than BEFORE, right?

Heart eyes!

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-17

My plan was to add a desk to this corner, and luckily while I was at IKEA, I spied this shelf and scored it for $7 on ASIS section;-). Whohooo! It will make a perfect little surface for me to craft on!

The fabric stands out with the yellow and for sure adds the look I was looking for to this corner. What do you think? I think I will be spending lot’s of time here:-)

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-19

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-20

Now I only need to make my pegboards for each side walls to hold my craft supplies and stencil my bookcase then organize all my craft stuff. I still have three more weeks to go, and I can only hope that I will finish this room in time.

Thanks for visiting lovelies today!

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Since 2014 I have changed this room a bit. Just a bit:-)

Check out my new workspace now. Time flies, my style evolves and rooms change and reflect the style I developed in years!



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    1. I have glued the fabric to the back of the roller shade using the spray glue ( it was a black out one as I had that already cut for my custom window from last year) but it doesn’t have to be a black out one. I hope it answers your concern.Have a great day!

  1. This is going to be such an amazing little space for an office and craft room! Being able to look out that beautiful window would really help me to get some work done! I love how you made that roller shade look so custom. I’m really excited to see what else you are going to do in this space. Thanks for sharing this at our party.

    1. Yep, girly..I know you love it too:-) I have been hunting this fabric for a long time. Ikea is an hour away from me and anytime I went they were out…Got lucky this time. Thanks for stopping by!Xo

  2. I love that fabric! I have a plain white roller shade from Ikea in our dining area, and I think I’m going to use this tutorial to jazz it up a bit. You’ve done a fabulous job transforming this little nook!

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