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What did we decide for our kitchen tile? I asked myself a hundred times before we decided with installing the busy, patterned tile.



You guys! This is the 5th week of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda over at Calling it Home and today I should shave shown you images closer to the finished look, but that’s not what happening here. I have done many One Room Challenges like our bathroom remodel or family room makeover, and yes, every time I push our limits and leave everything for last minute. I can work better under pressure lol. But to tell you the truth it does not help my marriage. My hub is a great guy, he helps with everything and deals with this crazy woman, but this kitchen refresh is testing our limits. Not having the heart of the home and basically not being able to use any room downstairs is quite miserable. Eating breakfast from Wawa and lunch at Chick-Fil-a is also not very appealing for my man.

This stage is temporary, I know and will be gone in a few days (fingers crossed), but it is not a good stage to be at. When I started this “kitchen refresh” I wasn’t thinking much of having to remove EVERYTHING from the kitchen. I only realized that this project is bigger than I thought it would be! Oh well, I learned my lesson!

Just for you to see the war zone in the house, here is an image for ya!

Today I am cleaning the doors and tomorrow, and the weekend is for painting the doors. I can’t wait!

So back to the busy tiles!

Yes, we chose busy tiles. My husband and I LOVED it so much and we said -“Heck, life is too short! Let’s make our house a home!”

I asked my followers of what they thought of my choices, and some people loved busy tiles, some hated it. I used busy tiles in my Guest Bathroom, and it’s still one my favorite rooms to walk into. Kidding you not!

I was debating between these two options if you remember:

( Thank you for Wayfair for providing my gorgeous tiles!)

The tile we chose was the  Kenzi Paloma porcelain tile.

Soooo pretty!

I could see this kitchen finished with the white upper cabinets, dark lower cabinets and butcher block countertop going with this tile wonderfully. And I still think it will be a fantastic transformation.:-)

The tile guys are finishing up as I am typing right now. Tomorrow we will pull the cabinets back to their place, and hopefully, all will come together by next week! Phew!

Another race with time!

Stay tuned and be sure to check in here next week! I can’t wait to show you the finished space!


We finished our kitchen and could not be happier with it! I mean, it’s amazing!

Go see it for yourself!




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  1. Aniko,

    I love your kitchen! I have been debating about these floors and was so excited to see them in your kitchen. It’s beautiful! Question…do you think it would work with all white cabinets? I’d love to do the half and half but I have two tall pantrys that make that look difficult. I’m just wondering if I need the dark to ground and balance it.

    1. Thank you! We love it too!. That tile is one of my favorite features in the house. I think it would totally work with white cabinets and I would go dark grout. if I could redo mine, I would do DARK grout myself. GOOD LUCK! you won’t regret this tile for sure. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh you are my saving grace , I chose busy tile for my Spanish style home , can I ask your opinion of what you think ? It’s white and black just like yours ! Oh my goodness the struggle to finding peace with it is real !

  3. We have a kitchen with old 1958/59 maple cabinets with copper/black hardware.
    At this time, we cannot replace the cabinets. The floor has yellow/gold shag
    carpeting which has to be replaced. The appliances are black; the hood is copper, the countertops
    are white laminate (in excellent condition; go figure and will be replaced at
    some poin)t. I put a Boos butcher block with black legs as an island.

    I want your floor. What do you think?

  4. Looks great! We are in the process of installing this tile in our bathroom. What color grout did you choose? Would love to see the finished project!

    1. Hey There- I used white grout and now I just wish I didn’t.:-( White will be dirty within a few months. But honestly, white felt the best choice when we tiled…. if I would do it again, I probably would choose a dark grout. The finished kitchen link was just added to the end of this post. Go see it’s GHAJUSSSS!!! :-))

  5. I had a busy tile kitchen floor once and it hid everything that my toddlers dropped on it and my dog tracked in. You’ll love it.

      1. can I ask you, do you like the white grout that you chose or do you think black would have been better? Curious as I am doing the same tile in my bathroom and your post is the only post I saw with white grout. I too also chose white grout but want your opinion? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen, its classic and will NEVER go out of style!

        1. Fantastic question! I wish I’d asked someone before I decided with white grout lol. Sooo…While I LOVE the white grout, I would never do it again. The white turned into sandy color over a few months because there is no way to clean it.(or at least I haven’t figured how to). Stick with the dark grout, Sista! I hope it helps! Send me a pic when your bathroom is done! Xo

    1. Busy is good, right? I think it will all work well together once the cabinets are done. Phew – I wish I could see the end by now, but it seems way too far still.:-(( I love your foyer by the way!

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