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Today I am sharing some of my pretty organized spaces in the house. I have been talking about this tour since it’s started(last week) and today it is my turn to share some tips for organizing.

Well, I think I have to make a confession first. I am not the most organized person. Unfortunately. Although, I am trying so hard to change that – since we have kids I almost think it is impossible to stay organized. When I was asked by my sweet friend Ursula from Home made by Carmona to join in this tour I thought for a second but then I said yes. There are 11 other amazing bloggers who participated in this fantastic blog hop.

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In this past August I started an organizing series – I shared one organized space each week.  I think this was the only way to actually get my really messy spaces organized. It was a big motivation for me to blog about it and at the end of the month I finished 4 organizing projects. But before I show you those recaps, I wanted to start with one of my favorite projects since I started writing this little blog. Last summer I blogged about our organized Entry way that has many functional elements. I still love this space a lot. I love it’s cheery, happy color, my sunglasses baskets, the key holder, the baskets to hide kids hoodies and of course my cork board that holds weekly schedules.

organized entry way

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Having two kids means lots of toys in a house. Sometimes I feel like I want to get rid of every single toys as I step on a toy in every inch in the house. One of the biggest challenge for me is to keep my boys toys organized. I definitely needed to come up with something that would work for our playroom. I organized the toys into baskets and created cute little tags to each basket to show my kids what’s in the basket, so when it comes to clean up they can easily find the right basket.

Organized toys

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I also organized my boys closet. Phew…what a life change. If you go to see full post HERE you can see a before picture. Until this day the closet looks the same as when I finished the organization. Everything has it’s place and it looks immaculate.

Organized kids closet

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I am not just a mom but a mom who loves jewelry. A lot. I got quite a few earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Few months ago I created a Jewelry box -West elm inspired and just recently I shared a pretty Earring Organizer and a fabulous Jewelry Tray ( which was a good old thrift store find) that was shared over at I Heart Organizing as I became an IHeart team member-YAY.

Organized jewelry

Are you still with me? There is a few more projects, it won’t be much longer, I promise.:-)

This pretty makeup station came to life in no time. I was literally living out of my small makeup bag util I had enough one day. Found this tray in the house( Picture frame turned into decorative tray) and used it as a nice makeup organizer base. Sometimes you don’t need to think big, get out and buy things but maybe look around what you have at home and re purpose items.

Organized makeup station

Laundry rooms can be messy. Or at least mine was until I organized it. I got a red washer and dryer (not really crazy about it anymore) when we moved to this house. Check out how I made this room to be a fun and modern laundry space.

Organized Laundry

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And last but not leas,t I want to share our happy and organized garage with you.

It was a big project. I admit it. But I will never regret the time we spent to make this garage look to what it is today.

Organized garage

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You may think I am an organized person now- ha:-)

Well, just ask my husband:-) As I said in the beginning in this post, I am trying so hard to be organized as I really would love to have an organized house.  I am working on my office/craft room now that really needs help ( sharing a post on that later today so come back to check it out)

I hope you got inspired a bit today and you pick a small space to organize over the weekend.

Thanks for hopping over and reading today!


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  1. i am not sure what i like best- it’s all awesome! the toy organization is speaking to me! and i feel just like you about how organized i am but i said yes, too! 😉

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