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How about sprucing up an ordinary ice bucket with gold leafing pen?
DIY GOLD LEAF PLANTERHello Friends! If you received an e-mail yesterday and you saw the title: DIY GOLD LEAF PLANTER and you clicked, and nothing happened, you weren’t dreaming. I am on vacay and set my post to go live on a wrong date. Yup. Sometimes things like that happen:-) So I quickly removed the post when I realized that the post went live as it wasn’t fully drafted. But it is here today:-)

If you noticed, I am taking it slowly this year. I try not to say YES for every project, and I try only to DIY things that I need. I have a few bigger plans, like a DIY headboard, that’s coming up soon and our family room makeover that’s still is in planning stage.But le’s turn back to today’s post. I found an ordinary ice bucket at Goodwill sometimes last year. It was a perfect size to fit in one of my planters so I purchased it with that in mind. Then I decided to sprucing it up with gold leaf.

Have you ever worked with gold leafing? I always loved the look of leafing, and I finally took one Speedball’s Mona Lisa Gold Leafing home. It was very easy to use. I decided to add stripes to my ordinary ice bucket. I taped off the planter using painters tape to create same size lines. Then I used the adhesive pen to vet the surface then I applied the gold leaf.


It was a fairly easy DIY project and I loved the look that I created on my white bucket. The lines were not perfect, but that’s what I loved about it.

leaf flower base (1 of 1)-2

leaf flower base (2 of 4)

Don’t you think it looks fabulous in my green garden in the living room?

leaf flower base (4 of 4)

Sometimes the easiest and simple projects are the best! I love finding simple, ordinary pieces for few bucks and upcycle them to something unique. Have you done any easy projects this year?

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