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This post on the DIY Bamboo shades that I made for our camper was long due. I promised a list of tutorials when I shared out Camper Renovation DIY but I never got around to sharing them.

DIY Bamboo shades for a camper

New year, new goals.


My goal is to get caught up on those tutorials ( hence this post is a good start!), and as soon as possible so I can start sharing our travel adventure here on the blog as well.

But today let’s focus on this fun DIY Bamboo Shades for a Camper

I wasn’t crazy about the shades that the camper had when we bought it so we uninstalled all of them right away. I wanted to add a bamboo shade. I had bamboo shades everywhere in our old home – I just love the look of it.:-)

Check out our old home tour if you are new around here.

However, I wasn’t going to spend $40-70 on each shade (7-9 shades total!) so I came up with a more affordable version that seems to work. I was looking online for inspiration when I came across my sweet friend, Ashley’s post on how she made her bamboo shades.

It gave me a good start on my project.

I wanted something for our camper that gives a bamboo look without spending all the $ and also provides privacy.

So let’s get to what I made and how I made it.

I hope this post inspire you to try to DIY your bamboo shades.

See a list of things by clicking on the link below that we used on a daily in our camper!


Use Bamboo fencing to make bamboo shades


  1. Measure your windows.

2. Cut the dowel to size. I added 3 inches on both sides window measurements.

3. Stain the dowel. This is totally optional. I stained it – I like the stained look.:-)

4. Cut the Bamboo Fencing and the DropCloth to size. I left the bamboo piece longer than the drop cloth and I left it wider than the dropcloth. Overall the bamboo piece is longer and wider than the window but shorter than the dowel piece.

5. Assemble your measured pieces.

6. Using the hot glue gun, attach the dropcloth to the dowel. ( see video)

7. Then glue the bamboo piece onto the dropcloth. I used hot glue and the rapid fuse glue for extra hold.

8. Roll the shade up inward, having the bamboo part outside. ( see the video)

9. Cut the leather strap to a size that will cover + overhand the rolled-up bamboo shade. I chose the easy way and cut one end of the leather strap in two to tie it and I cut a hole on the other end that would fit the tied end through.

10. Screw the cup hook above the window, hand the bamboo shade and roll it up inward.

After 3 months of living in the camper full time, I am happy to report that these DIY bamboo shades are serving their purpose. NOt only do they look stylish but provide privacy.:-) They are not blackout shades but an inexpensive version of bamboo shades and they work well for us.

DIY Bamboo shades in a camer

I ran out of leather stripes so I used a piece of dropcloth on both windows in our bedroom. That works well too!:-) Just giving you more options!:

diy bamboo shades

I will be sharing our DIY DINING TABLE tutorial soon, so stay tuned!



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