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This post was sponsored by Whirlpool. These items were generously donated in exchange for coverage, but all opinions and copy are my own.
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As we all know, life looks different these days. A few months ago, my boys had soccer practice every day of the week; now we are spending our time home together as a family. I am sure that, like myself, your days are busy and full of finding new and exciting ways to engage your children every day at home. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, but still, I need to get dinner on the table and my boys aren’t of the age to completely handle dinner prep on their own. So these days, I am looking forward to frozen meals more than ever. I know I am not alone with this, so today, I am sharing some of my absolute favorite features of my  Whirlpool® Smart Single Wall Oven that make my frozen food prep so much easier!

Kitchen design


Wow! I absolutely love this fantastic feature. Have you ever heard of it? I can skip preheating my oven with Frozen Bake™ technology. Cooking frozen food with pre-programmed settings that automatically adjust cooking times allows me to get select dinner items like pizza and lasagna from the oven to the table in less time.1


My kids’ absolute favorite feature! 🙂

My boys are not old enough to handle turning on the oven by themselves just yet, but with the Scan-to-Cook Technology, they can grab the pizza from the freezer, scan the barcodes on select frozen food, and the app will send the recommended cooking instructions to my Whirlpool® Smart Single Wall Oven right away.2 It will also turn the oven on. Isn’t that amazing? I can be upstairs folding laundry in my new LAUNDRY room AND have the boys start dinner for me.


As I said, we are not an everyday frozen food eating family. I love to spend time in my kitchen, but sometimes easier is better when our days are not what they typically look like. Whirlpool partnered with Yummly – one of my favorite cooking apps – to create Yummly® Guided Cooking. This feature makes meal prep easier, and I can send cooking instructions straight to my Whirlpool® Smart Single Wall Oven or use Yummly’s step-by-step video tutorials when I need extra assistance on busy days.3


Teaching good habits from an early age is essential. We try to have our boys help clean up after each meal. Even if they just place their dirty dishes into the dishwasher, it is one step less for me. The Whirlpool® Smart Dishwasher has 35% more rack space with the third level rack to load more dishes4, something that’s even more helpful during these times when we are eating every meal at home.

After all, I love how we can save time with all these fantastic smart features, and I for sure love having my boys around. We laugh, we joke and cook/clean in the kitchen together.

I hope these fun, time-saving hacks inspire you to check out some of Whirlpool’s smart appliances. They really are the best.

Thanks for checking in today, friends.

Cheers for saving time and multitasking in the kitchen!


1Not all frozen foods included; WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy statement, visit whirlpool.com/connect.

2Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect.

3WiFi and App required. Features subject to change. For details and privacy statement, visit whirlpool.com/connect.       

4Compared to Whirlpool® dishwashers without a third level rack.

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