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Floral drawing- January screensaver


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Happy New Year! I am back today with a quick floral drawing and a free download.

I took a little blog break for a couple of weeks…or months. And it was so great to enjoy time with friends and family. We are currently wintering in the Florida Keys and spending time fishing, paddling, and outdoor cooking most days. You can follow more of our travel adventures on Instagram.

I will be sharing a few DIYs that we tackled in the new camper in the upcoming months, and I will also try to launch a new blog for all of our travel content – because there is a lot to share. It’s hard to believe that we have been traveling full-time since October 2020. Wow. 🙂

But let’s get back to this lovely floral painting.:-)

I did tell myself that I would be painting in the new year. So I sat down yesterday morning, created this quick floral drawing, and watercolored it. I was happy with it, so I decided to offer it for free download. I know many of you come and check the monthly freebies on the blog – keep coming back for them! I will keep offering them.

They can be downloaded for a desktop screensaver and a phone screensaver.

Download your copies of this floral drawing on the link below.


I hope you like this sweet gift. Enjoy throughout January, and check back early next month for the new downloadable.



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