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Fruit "Cake" { Healthy Birthday "cake" }

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Fruit Birthday Cake
Have you ever thought about making a healthy cake for a birthday?
Beginning January,my hubby changed his diet .I am so proud of him…he simply skips desserts and sweets.

Knowing that he wouldn’t enjoy a bite of a regular sugar cake, I made this very healthy fruit cake for his XX’s birthday.
It was made only with fresh fruit and he loved and enjoyed all of it:-)

Our whole family grows on fruit( my boys don’t eat much veggies…) so I always have fresh fruit  in my refrigerator …I really only used watermelon, cantaloupe,strawberries , kiwis and grapes.

Steps to make a FRUIT Birthday Cake:
Cut the watermelon in half and peel it. Same thing with the cantaloupe.
Cut the kiwis with cookie cutter or any shape you have available.
Stack the watermelon and cantaloupe on the top of each other and decorate with other fruits.
Sometimes is nice to have a little change and do something not so traditional for a birthday.
What other ideas do you have for  healthy Birthday cakes??Share some ideas with me.


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  1. Love this! It turned out very cute. I am a huge fruit lover, but I am also a huge cake lover, haha! I'll take one of each for my birthday 😉

    1. Thank you , Bethany. I am the same way as you are…Fruit and cake = both are my very good "friends"

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