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How to create an easy gallery wall-1-2

I’ve  started working on my  Gallery Wall few months ago and I had no idea that it will take this long to actually finish this project. Yes, I loved gallery walls so much that I had to get on that bandwagon, too. It definitely took some time to find the style and feel I wanted to see on our large empty bedroom wall but now I think it was all worth it. I am sharing this as a last project in our master bedroom.  I am planning to share a quick recap- MASTER BEDROOM REVEAL post next week SO be sure to hop back here!

I got this fantastic credenza on an auction last year and I prettied it up a bit. Oh, I am still in love with that two toned design. So beautiful. Check for the full tutorial of how it was done HERE.

First, when the credenza was in place I hung two large wall art above it but I wasn’t really crazy about it. Something was missing…it needed little more twist and that’s when I decided to create a gallery wall:-)

MidCentury modern dresser makeover - www.placeofmytaste

Well, gallery walls are really trendy these day, right? It’s the style for sure. I have been pinning and looking at gallery walls for quite some times now. I rounded up some of my favorite Gallery Wall designs in a post few months ago for inspiration and I got down to this: There are lots of style, tastes and different feel to each and every one of those gallery walls. They are unique in a way. In a way that I think every gallery wall reflects a person who creates it. I believe that gallery walls are meaningful, hold treasures, finds, memories, things that a person loves or adore and I also believe that there are no rules of how to create a perfect GALLERY WALL. Nope. All that matters is that you have to LOVE what you hang on our wall.

Gallery Wall-1-2

Now, you probably notice that I am not displaying my family or children’s photos here. Why? I display them everywhere else in the house:-) Literally.!

There is a new photo gallery wall in my entry way that’s coming up on the blog in the next couple of weeks, which I am very excited about.

If you remember, I also shared a really easy and fun tutorial of a huge PHOTO DISPLAY last year and those large displays are still my favorite pieces in the house♥

Gallery Wall-5

So when I started working on this wall all I wanted to have  was a fun, mixed style gallery wall. I added different frames, different colors, with different lines and I even left my pretty EARRING ORGANIZER in the middle of art displays as I thought it looked real pretty in there.

I  either photographed, painted or drew every single artwork on this wall. Each art has it’s own meaning to me or to us as a family. I got little artsy lately and I absolutely enjoy myself.I really do. I only wish to have more time for paintings and creating art work. One day- maybe one day!

All of these art works can be purchased digitally in my SHOP. If you like any of them, go ahead and check out the store. Also, I create custom work – so if you have a favorite art in mind, just shoot me an e-mail { placeofmytasteDOTymail.com }and I’d be happy to talk details.

Zebra display

Gallery Wall-1-4

Some of my art work also available as a pillow cover on Society 6

pillow (2)

Gallery Wall-1-5

Gallery Wall-1-3

Gallery Wall-3

There are many tutorials out there of how to hang frames perfectly so I won’t get into that, but I am going to offer you a free PRINTABLE that you can download and hang on your wall!

How fun is that, right?

If you like this great Ferris wheel shot, take it  😉



What do you think of my new artsy gallery wall? I love it. Such eye candy each morning when I wake up and staring at my wall.

The best tip from me to create your own personal, meaningful gallery wall is to be brave and display what you like. Display it for YOU not for OTHERS. Will this gallery will be like this forever? Probably not – but for now, it makes me happy and I know that if I get tired of seeing the zebra or the watercolor skull – I can change it ANYTIME to a new art work

If you love it, PIN IT!

Gallery wall

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Cheers for a great long weekend!




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  1. It’s absolutely perfect! LOVE the prints! It definitely has that “fun” look you were going for! PS. Great sneak peek Aniko, can’t wait to see the full reveal next week!

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