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Earring Organizer - PlaceOfMyTaste.com

Happy Tuesday! This post meant to be up on the blog yesterday but due to a little update on the blog theme  I just simply couldn’t write up my post. Anyways. Yesterday we kicked off a great series with 11 other fantastic bloggers. It’s called organize me pretty, hosted by Ursula at Home made by Carmona. The next 2 weeks all these talented bloggers will show their favorite organized spaces in their home.


Here is the list of bloggers , go visit them if you have a chance.

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Wednesday, Oct. 8th | Primitive & Proper   Thursday, Oct. 9th | Oh Everything Handmade

Friday, Oct. 10th | Up To Date Interiors  Saturday, Oct. 11th | Delineate Your Dwelling

Sunday, Oct. 12th | Life On Virginia Street   Monday, Oct. 13th | with HEART

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Speaking of organizing….I started a series in August and I posted one organized space in the house each week. Guys, that was such a motivation for me to actually get my mess organized and write about it each week. Find my organized spaces HERE.

I love fashion and more than anything, I love fashion jewelry. I love the big long earrings but I also love small sophisticated studs  as well. Couple years ago I made an earring holder but my style has changed over the years and it wasn’t fitting my taste anymore, or so to say it wasn’t fitting into my bedroom decor. I still has not revealed our master bedroom…but it’s soon coming up, my Friends!

I purchased this IKEA picture frame sometimes last year  with the intention of making an earring holder out of it. The inspiration has not happened until I found this gorgeous piece of fabric.

Earring Organanizer- Ikea Frame - PlaceOfMyTaste.com-6343

If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen this a couple weeks ago. (Get on board and see the behind the scenes..:-)

The master bedroom is coming together very nicely and despite my original plan with yellow and gray, now there are much more colors in the room. I kinda feel like, one project inspires the next and it is a never ending story.

 The beauty of creating.

When I started this little tiny blog, I was afraid that I won’t have enough to show my audience and now it’s kind of like the other way around now… I don’t have enough days and time to show you everything I really wish.

I usually get inspired by pretty colors and fabrics. This gorgeous fabric screamed to me from the clearance table. Yeah….I am not only lucky to find a fabulous fabric but the price was a jack pot too. They only had about 1.5 yards and I only paid $3.99. Whoo-hoo.

My kind of shopping:-)

It had the raspberry pink and yellow accents that I have around in the bedroom already. I knew that it would be a perfect piece for my earring organizer.

Earring Organizer - PlaceOfMyTaste.com

I cut the fabric to a little bigger size then the  inside opening of the frame and  I glued the fabric to the frame with my hot glue gun.

Earring Organizer - PlaceOfMyTaste.com

Super easy and quick project with a big impact.

Earring Organanizer- Ikea Frame - PlaceOfMyTaste.com-9069

I hang the frame right above my (mid century modern) dresser so I can easily reach my earrings on my busy mornings. Now each pair of earrings are together.

Earring Organizer - PlaceOfMyTaste.com

Earring Organanizer- Ikea Frame - PlaceOfMyTaste.com-9090

I am really loving this fabric, it makes me happy to look at it every morning;-)

Such a pretty and stylish way to display my earrings, don’t you think?

Oh…and this earring organizer is part of my gallery wall…Yes. stay tuned for my gallery wall post. It’s coming up:-)

I hope you got inspired – PIN this image for later:

Earring Organizer - PlaceOfMyTaste.com

Thanks for visiting-


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  1. love that fabric. where did you find it?
    how o you put the earrings in the fabric? anything behind to hold them?

    1. Yep, you can not put on the rubber stoppers…I have all the rubber stopper from my earrings in a little bowl.I always loose them tho!Thanks for visiting!

  2. Pretty but I have an “engineering” question. How do you attach the earrings? Just poke them through the fabric? Do you take the mirror off the wall to remove the studs?

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